.Net show debuts on YTV

Developer-oriented program offers unique platform training vehicle

Lucent technology drives traffic service

MetroCommute.com uses PhoneBrowser to give directions

Worth Keeping: DataEase

Though its creator is offering more opportunities for users to finally make the migration to Windows, this is one DOS-based product that just won't die

SuperStack of all trades

LAN switches designed for variety of business customers

Venture capitalists scale back

"Sometimes in the morning I wake up and feel very depressed," investor says

Software group overhauls job descriptions

An occupational skills profile model will define 24 technology positions in an attempt to improve hiring practice across the the industry

Gambling software makers coming up snake eyes

Young, profitable market already crowding out players, summit told

Ingram Micro Canada lays off 40 sales associates

U.S. parent cuts 1,000 jobs, reorganizes sales divisions

Communication, not legislation improves e-security: EDS

Panel says information exchange should not run afoul of anti-trust bodies

Bell Micro acquisition to open new doors at Forefront

"It didn't make any sense for me to go and join Ingram," Squizatto says

Nortel, Microsoft team on managed services

Partnership to strengthen service level agreements

PC mentality stalls Java development, Sun says

"Maybe it's become boring," COO Ed Zander (right) told the JavaOne crowd. But he still thinks the programming language will do for devices what the microprocessor did for the computer

Online travel planner makes last-minute Canadian bookings

Site59.com offers Toronto and Montreal getaway packages

Tantau integration leads to layoffs at 724 Solutions

Workforce cut by 12 per cent to achieve savings of $2 million

PeopleSoft tries to standardize CRM processes

"Egos" get in way of collaborative enterprise, CEO says

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