Dell EMC introduces PowerMax, enhanced XtremIO and new VxBlock System

LAS VEGAS - Dell EMC flexed its storage muscles at Dell Technologies World with a few major announcements this morning. The biggest one being the...

Huawei welcomes Ontario delegation by announcing new 5G research partnerships

Huawei welcomed Ontario's Premier and business leaders by reaffirming commitments to 5G research in the province.

BlackBerry’s seven recommendations for a more secure smart car

As cars get smarter and more connected, they are equipped with more mechanisms that can be targeted in cyberattacks, like infotainment systems and autonomous...

Ford partners with Lyft on self-driving cars for all

Ford Motor Co. says it's partnering with San Francisco-based transportation firm Lyft to deliver self-driving cars via requests from a mobile app. In a Medium...

Ford will design its cars with HoloLens augmented reality headsets

Ford says a year-long pilot test has convinced it that augmented reality is the way of the future.

Deep learning and AI can create different ethical issues

Washington D.C. - In its most basic form, artificial intelligence is an algorithm that is trained to learn via the data that is fed to...

Jump on AI bandwagon before it starts writing poetry, experts advise CIOs

Montebello, Que. - Get ready for artificial intelligence to take a leap forward and have a more important role in society and your business...

Major tech firms backing $300 million supercluster bid from York Region

ITWC has learned details of a bid for the federal government's supercluster funding that is backed by $300 million in private funding.

AI-based translator could let us talk to our pets within the next 10 years, Amazon says

What is your dog trying to tell you when it runs in circles barking after the doorbell rings? Well, you might actually be able to answer these questions soon enough thanks to some game-changing research backed by Amazon.

Where Toyota’s going, it won’t need roads

If you’re just getting used to the idea of autonomous cars, just wait ‘til you hear what’s next: flying cars.

Idaho researchers building robot to test protective hockey skate gear

While blocking shots has always been an integral part of hockey, most players wouldn’t want to be in the way of a Zdeno Chara...

Women are seriously under-represented in the Canadian tech sector and it’s not improving: new report

Gender parity in the technology sector still has a way to go, according to a new report from Women in Communications and Technology’s (WCT)...

Alberta Energy Regulator cuts through bureaucracy with digital transformation plan

Following the merger of two provincial bodies into the Alberta Energy Regulator, the organization is using digital transformation as a path to improving service and efficiency.

Recap: Can we ever trust self-driving cars? #ITWCchats

Join our Twitter chat Jan. 26 at 1 PM ET to discuss the ramifications that self-driving cars could have on our society along with guest experts and university students from across the country.

CIRA launches Fury top-level domain platform with first customer in tow

The non-profit organization responsible for operating Canada’s dot-ca (.ca) Internet domain is now also going to be running the backend of another distinctly national...

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