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Hashtag Trending – New privacy tools from Google, Alexa goes job hunting, UPS delivery drones approved

Google rolls out new privacy features, Alexa steps up to help people find jobs, and UPS gets federal approval for a fleet of delivery drones. First up from Twitter is news that Google

Published on: October 3rd, 2019 Mandy Kovacs

Are LinkedIn Skills Assessments trustworthy? One CEO says no

LinkedIn recently released a new feature, Skills Assessment, that many thought might deliver more transparency to skills listed on users' profiles. But Tigran Sloyan, chief executive officer of CodeSignal, who has been working

Published on: October 1st, 2019 Buckley Smith

Going cashless could save business owners 15 hours a week, says Square study

Allan Bacani took over operations of the Vancouver-based Lee's Donuts in 2018 and after assessing the business he decided to go completely cashless.  The benefits of this move have already been felt, he

Published on: September 27th, 2019 Buckley Smith

Canadian SMEs top the list of productive businesses in Sage annual productivity tracker

By Pragya Sehgal  According to Sage’s annual Productivity Tracker, Canada is one of the more productive countries in the world. The global survey conducted by Sage and market research firm YouGov investigated the

Published on: September 26th, 2019 Buckley Smith

Microsoft releases new features, updates for Dynamics 365

Microsoft Corp. released a wide swath of updates and releases for its Dynamics 365 suite this week, largely focussed on AI-powered insight tools and new applications for the world of retail. AI-powered insight

Published on: September 23rd, 2019 Buckley Smith

LinkedIn launches Skills Assessment to allow users to verify their skills

LinkedIn Corp. has launched a new feature that it says will bring some verification to the skills that users list on their profiles. The new feature is called Skills Assessment, and it allows

Published on: September 17th, 2019 Buckley Smith

Does mobile-enabling the office provide benefits? ServiceNow is counting on it with its newest offerings

We have all heard plenty about mobile enabling the workforce to allow remote work and work from home opportunities, but what about mobile enabling the physical workspace and the work processes that are part

Published on: September 17th, 2019 Buckley Smith

Mastercard launches new service in attempt to simplify B2B payments

Mastercard Inc. is trying to simplify B2B payments with the introduction of its newest service under its Mastercard Track platform, a virtual trade marketplace designed for B2B sales established by Mastercard in 2018.

Published on: September 12th, 2019 Buckley Smith

Student survey reveals 95% of students feel mandatory online courses are a bad idea

A new survey from the Ontario Student Trustees' Association (OSTA-AECO) revealed that 95 per cent of the 6087 students surveyed disapprove of the e-learning mandate introduced by the provincial government back in March.

Published on: September 10th, 2019 Buckley Smith

How working from home benefits the employee and the employer

Beyond the comfort level, working from home has many other benefits.  There's the time saved on commuting, fewer distractions - one can only take so many stories about someone's cat - and more.

Published on: August 18th, 2019 Buckley Smith

Stop being proud of complexity, says ServiceNow’s VP of innovation

Most companies assume they’re giving customers what they want. In reality, they couldn’t be further from the truth. Eighty per cent of chief executive officers believe they deliver superior customer experiences, but only

Published on: August 15th, 2019 Alex Coop

The biggest cybersecurity takeaways from the Digital Transformation Conference and Awards

The Digital Transformation Conference and Awards came and went, but it featured a number of important discussions around cybersecurity that are top of mind for IT professionals across the country. People’s appetite for

Published on: August 15th, 2019 Alex Coop

The Digital Transformation Conference and Awards 2019 at a glance

  Businesses and organizations in every corner of the country are coming to the same realization – it’s innovate or bust. The third annual Digital Transformation Conference and Awards celebrated category finalists’ ability

Published on: August 12th, 2019

Going digital is paying big dividends for Ontario insurance brokerage

When an organization looks to undergo a digital transformation, having leadership willing to buy in and take that risk is an essential ingredient. But for Fred and Jill Morison, the owners of Morison

Published on: August 9th, 2019

Calgary Drop-In Centre takes back time with Azure

Modernization can be especially challenging for needs shelters. Often underfunded, these agencies lack the digital assets to properly track its visitors and manage resources. Drop in Calgary (DI) was one such case. Before

Published on: August 8th, 2019