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Canadian potential eyed as Delta’s WiFi in the sky program takes flight

Canadian commercial carriers continue to monitor industry developments and regulations on communication device use in aircraft.rn

Strong enforcement needed for Canada’s Do Not Call List to work

Canada's National Do Not Call List will protect you from all those annoying telemarketing calls...right? Well, not necessarily so. Much will depend on how effectively the program is enforced, experts say.

Work-at-home policy drives hard benefits at software firm

A clinical and management software firm is saving $400,000 a year simply by closing its 15,000 square feet of office space and getting staff to work from home. The company can continue to serve customers, and employees love their new found flexibility.

Canadian tech will enable destruction of $155 billion space station

Some years from today, the International Space Station will dip into earth's atmosphere and explode into flames. Canadian technology will enable the spectacular and purposeful demolition of the most expensive object ever built by humankind. INCLUDES VIDEO.

How Hard Rock Hotel handled its first unwelcome guest – a hurricane

Between a hard rock and a hurricane. That was the predicament of Hard Rock Hotel a few days before Hurricane Katrina struck. But the hotel immediately began its disaster recovery preparations - which is why it recovered so quickly...from an IT perspective.

Terry Matthews tees off

Mitel's founding father says Canadian governments aren't stepping to the plate when it comes to fostering innovation. rnrn

Deregulation’s sales job

Local service deregulation is supposed to be good consumers. Will it pan out that way?

Saskatchewan plans wireless network for four cities

Youth 'clamoured' for municipal Wi-Fi, provincial IT exec says

Application persistence key to mobile VPNs

Calgary-based well services company pushes apps to remote field workers

North Shore offers up identity management over wireless network

Granular security control critical to extending network to contractors, members

How-to … secure your VPN

New threats, new policies, new challenges

U.S. white space policy will affect our own

Freed-up TV spectrum could be a big opportunity for wireless innovation

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