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Android phones still behind BlackBerry and iPhone

Nielsen's recent findings say 32 per cent of new smartphone owners between February and August favored Android phones but BlackBerry and iPhone still hold onto their top positions

Cisco targets SMBs with new Wi-Fi line, mobile VPN client

Cisco unveils new Wi-fi access point products with reduced price tags intended to drive deployments in the SMB space where customers mainly need basic Wi-Fi connectivity.

Developers itching to build apps for RIM PlayBook

RIM's murky stance on migrating BlackBerry apps to its new tablet doesn't faze would-be developers seeking a larger screen and more horsepower.

How smaller firms can make the move to VoIP

For small and midsized businesses who consider upgrading from a PBX to VoIP, the benefits are clear and, with proper planning, the implementation is not very frightening.

Windows Phone 7 out Oct. 11

Microsoft made it official. On Oct. 11 Windows Phone 7 will launch at a press event in New York. Here's a sneak peak on Microsoft's new smartphone

This iPad runs on Windows 7

Who says the iPad is all fun and no work. With the help of a Citrix Receiver and Windows 7, the Apple tablet can be transformed into a useful business machine.

Five mobile apps to watch

At GigaOm's 2010 Mobilize Conference in San Francisco, we got a first look at some intriguing new mobile apps.

Cisco pushes IPv6 for SMB switches

Cisco Systems is updating parts of its product line for small businesses, a world where IT needs have grown up over the past few years.

5 ways to find relevant Twitter followers

Cutting through Twitter's noise can be tricky, so check out these five tools to help you build a more meaningful following.

Google Wave: a one-stop-shop for collaboration on steroids

Google surprised many when it unveiled Wave at its developers conference. Secretly in development for two years, this Web communications application ties together the best of current Web services. It provides Twitter's brevity, Facebook's group collaboration, and the direct content sharing of instant messaging or e-mail.

ING Direct Canada chief uses Facebook, Twitter to engage customers

Corporate brands have seen some real reputation-scorchers thanks to social media. Now some companies are reaching out to social media communities proactively. ING Direct and Intel are two brands willing to test the waters. INCLUDES VIDEO.

Canadian scientists develop new “mind-reading” technology

A new method of scanning the brain with near-infrared light - developed by Canadian researchers - can be used to predict a person's preferences with a high degree of accuracy, by reading the subject's mind directly. The technology could enable severely disabled persons -- unable to move or talk -- to express themselves.

Five chilly lessons telecommuters can take away from ice storms

A severe ice storm can throw your life and work completely out of whack. Here are five tips on what IT professionals and telecommuters need to do to work effectively during these extraordinarily hard times.

16 downloads to make you a great communicator – most of them free

Here are select downloads that could turbocharge your e-mail and instant message communications.

Forging a better IT-business partnership

In far too many companies, the view of IT as a non-strategic cost centre persists. Here are some tips on how to CIOs can break the barrier between IT and business.rn

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