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Lessons learned from dealing with an angry Internet mob

After a small magazine stole a blog post and then was rude to the offended blogger, it found itself the target of an angry Internet mob. Here's how to avoid finding yourself in a similar situation, or dealing with one that does arise.

Measure your cool factor with Twitter Analytics

The microblogging site is slowly giving select users access to the alpha version of Twitter Analytics, a tool that will help users determine which tweets are most successfulrn

Lync squeezes gap between Microsoft and UC rivals

The new version of its Office Communication Server will help SMB outfits slash expenses with a unified communications tool cuts down layers of unified communication hardware, according to Microsoft.

Free DNS services worth business consideration

The best thing about Google entering the DNS market is attention -- it greatly reinforces the vital role DNS plays in making the Internet fast, according to one Internet expert.

Canadians need help creating ‘VIP lists’ for computer data

rnWhitelisting -- or pre-approving the good files, messages, and data we want to use on our computers -- may be a helpful approach in computer security. Security software based on blacklisting is becoming less effective, but implementing an effective whitelist method may be out of the reach of most consumers and small businesses, concludes a report.

Four tiny desktop PCs that pack a performance punch

These small form factor computers show that size doesn't matter, it's how you use it. Any business looking to save on desk real estate would do well to consider these.

Why your business needs a community manager

Community managers are the face and voice of your business in the social media world. And they can be way cheaper than a PR agency or cross platform ad campaign.

Four security start-ups, four paths to success

The Internet can be a scary place these days, full of sophisticated threats designed to steal valuable information from individuals and organizations alike. There's a market for providing top-grade information security to businesses, but how do you actually make money doing so? Four entrepreneurs who've

How to copy files, remove viruses from your flash drive

Learn some basic flash-drive survival skills, like how to copy files to a USB drive and protect a drive from viruses.

BlackBerry users recruited to keep RIM in Check on government deals

Research in Motion has been making deals with several governments requesting the keys to BlackBerry encrypted communications. Now a Toronto-based researcher wants BlackBerry owners to help see what sort of information is being shared.

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