IBM and FDA testing blockchain-powered medical care for U.S. patients

Blockchain technology hasn't taken over the world yet, but IBM Corp. thinks it might be key to delivering more secure, efficient, and effective medical...

Juniper predicts more chatbots and fintech in 2017

The research firm predicts content development for VR will ramp up as blockchain deployments spread beyond the financial sector

Now the Royal Canadian Mint is on the blockchain, thanks to Goldmoney

Toronto fintech startup Goldmoney Inc. (formerly BitGold), which essentially uses blockchain technology to power a bitcoin-like exchange service based on physical gold, has added...

Even California’s adult entertainment companies are investing in the blockchain

We've covered, at great length and in explicit detail, the many benefits that businesses from banks to manufacturers to retailers have to gain by...

Watch Don Tapscott deliver a TED Talk about the blockchain [video]

"The technology likely to have the greatest impact on the next few decades has arrived," Canadian technology author Don Tapscott says at the beginning...

Recap of Bracing for blockchain: What it means for business [#ITWCchats]

Experts say blockchain could be a technological innovation as big as the Internet, changing the way we transfer value between people. We explore the topic in a Twitter chat.

Don Tapscott warns businesses the future is blockchain or bust

Toronto, ON. – A new digital revolution is coming, and businesses need to adapt or risk becoming obsolete, Canadian technology author Don Tapscott told...

Is this the financial industry’s ‘Uber moment?’

With the coming of Apple Pay to Canada, it appears that financial industry disruption is about to get underway. But how will it look different than what's happened in other industries?

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