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Will robots soon deliver pizza?

Self-driving cars are about to be legalized in California. That same technology will enable the robot revolution.

Smartphones of the future: the designs and features to expect

Wearable phones, flexible devices, and more intelligent capabilities. That's just a taste of what the smartphones of tomorrow will look like.

Playing to win – how to prepare for a career in Canada’s digital gaming industry

Video gaming isn't just fun and games. It's a real industry with big budgets, and an enormous market -- and can prove to be a very lucrative and rewarding career for those willing to equip themselves with the required knowledge and skills. What are those skills and how do you acquire them? Two senior executives from a high-profile digital gaming firm in Ontario answer that question ... and show those seeking a career in gaming how they can play to win.

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  Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects have become a buzzword catch-all phrase to encompass more a technology trend as opposed to the actual technology. This is...


How A.I. and Chatbots Will Change Startups

Looking back at the Dot Com boom at the turn of the millennium, it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come thanks to the...