Mike Tang is the CEO of Raise5.com.

In this episode, Karim Kanji talks with Mike Tang about the beginnings of Raise5 at StartUp Weekend Toronto.

What is Raise5? A new fundraising platform that gives everyone a creative way to raise money for their favourite charities and non-profit organizations with their free time and talents. It works through a system of micro-donations: One person donates a small service or task – for example, teaching a 15-minute French lesson, setting up a new laptop, or providing marketing tips. Another person can buy the service for a flat rate of $5 and the money will go to the service-donor’s charity/non-profit of choice.

Watch and listen to find out why Mike and his team pivoted from an earlier business model that just wasn’t working.

If you want to watch the extended interview please visit Raise5 Extended.

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