Apple services are often deemed to be at the top of the IT game, but their solid reputation has been shaken in the past week. The company has recently been focusing on providing their customers with a cloud service, called iCloud, which aggregates all your music, movies, TV shows and other content on the cloud so you can access it from your various devices. Despite claims by the company that security is their top concern for customers, there was a serious security breach for one customer.

Journalist Mat Honan’s iCloud account was compromised, which allowed hackers to use the Find My Mac and Find My iPhone features to remotely wipe his iPhone, iPad and Macbook Air. Apparantly, the hackers were able to gain access by giving Mat’s name, address and the last four digits of his credit card, which they obtained from Amazon. The company admitted that “internal policies were not followed completely,” and they are “reviewing all of our processes” related to the incident. The best advice for avoiding a problem like this is to create unique passwords for all your accounts. WebPal is cognizant of your concerns relating to cloud security and thus allows the client to customize their system based on specific requirements.

By controlling who has access to your content management database and what kind of permissions they have, you know who will be accessing your content and when.

Meanwhile, Amazon’s new Cloud Player may give Apple a run for their money. Not only is it compatible with a wider range of devices, but premium customers can import and store up to 250,000 songs for an annual fee of $24.99; the iTunes service costs the same for access to 25 000 songs. The cloud is a prominent service offering and Apple will need to step up their game to meet the demand from consumers.

WebPal has been a powerful cloud content management solution that helped many organizations organize, share and track their content. WebPal is now offering the WebPal Cloud Content Server as a platform to build enterprise-ready content management applications in a secure cloud server environment. WebPal Cloud Server offers both online document management and cloud content management.

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