Although Windows Phone 7 (WP7) is yet to launch, the videos below are an excellent side-by-side comparison of the user experience on your – soon to be – WP7 device, the Apple iPhone 4 running iOS and Google’s Nexus One running Android. 

We look at the main operating system first and everything from answering calls to receiving text messages and pictures on the WP7, to a browser comparison video of the three platforms, followed by an early look at WP7’s email client and how it compares to Android and iOS.

Note, all of these videos were done on a pre-release Windows Phone 7 device, so some functionality and performance aren’t quite release ready.

Let’s start by getting you up to speed on Windows Phone 7.

This first video is a quick overview of Windows Phone 7 Start Screen, Camera, and Settings.

Video 2 is a Windows Phone 7 Browser Comparison across the three devices – Windows Phone 7 device, iPhone 4 & Nexus One.

Video Number 3 is a great comparison of Windows Phone 7 Email Client vs. Apple’s iPhone 4 & Google Nexus One

Special thanks to our friends at for creating these awesome videos and sharing them with the community.

What do you think about Windows Phone 7?  Whatever you decide, make sure you compare your cellphone plan offers, side-by-side and get the best deal for yourself or business.

Kye Husbands is co-founder of  myCELLmyTERMS, a Toronto-based company that helps cell phone users negotiate wireless plans with independent dealers.

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  • There is a wisdespread feeling that Microsoft is losing the innovation war and this may affect their ability to win the smartphone battle.Apparently Google and Apple are very dynamic technology companies that are quickly able to identify opportunities and capitalize on them.By re-entering so late into the smartphone market, Microsoft may have lost the strategic advantage -not beign first in the minds of the consumers.Also the fact that Microsoft Windows 7 is based on a licencing model in which handset manufacturers are expected to pay a licencing fee of $15 dollars per mobile device could make the OS less competitive.According to Henry Aladiume of the smartphone war is going to be fierce and will likely define the future of the post PC era.The fact is that Google CEO, Erick Schmidt says that he wants Android to become the Windows of Mobile and projects that Google could make an estimated $10 billion dollars a year from Android.Also by acquiring Admob a mobile Advertising company Google hopes to dominate search advertising on the mobile platform.Furthermore , Apple one of Microsoft’s main competitors has a few months ago surpassed Microsoft as the technology company with the highest market capitalization and almost 35% of Apple’s revenue comes from the sale of the iPhone smartphone and they will definitely vigorously defend their market share.Also technology giants like RIM , Nokia and off course HP which recently acquired Palm will give Microsoft a big fight in the smart phone war.According to the editorial team at there is a feeling that if Microsoft cannot dominate the mobile platform they may loose out in the post PC era and this may further lead to a decline in the fortunes of the technology giant.

  • windows phone is useful mor than other phone

  • Is it just me or the video is not available anymore? I think you have taken them out. Would you consider putting them back because I’m really interested to watch the differences between these phones.