The sky’s the limit if you’re a job seeker looking either to start or to advance a career in this digital age of rapid change. With the right educational background, training, and some tech know-how, you can potentially land a great job with the sort of upwards mobility that’ll get you somewhere.

According to one report, just six per cent of the 527,000 post-secondary students in Canada who graduated last year did so from an IT specialty. It adds that the country would need to see around 43,000 students in IT fields graduate annually to meet job growth demand. So, as you can see, there are some real opportunities out there for tech jobs not only now, but also in the years ahead.

So what are the top careers for tech lovers who want to translate their love of technology into a financially or professionally rewarding job? One source mentions popular tech jobs of 2017 — which provides some insight as to what you can look forward to. Among the jobs listed are web application developer, data scientist, database administrator, and IT project manager.

If you’re interested in any of these positions or are perhaps sitting on the fence about a career in tech, you can take a career assessment to see what sort of jobs might be up your alley. Any of the four jobs listed below may tempt you to dust off your resume and reach out to the HR departments that offer great job opportunities for tech lovers.

Web application developer

Web application developers construct, maintain, and manage web applications. According to PayScale, the average salary for this job is $57,535 annually. In order to have the skills needed to succeed in this role, you’ll need to learn programming languages like PHP, XML, Ajax, SQL, and HTML5. There are also certificate programs that you can sign up for to prepare for this role.

Data scientist

Data scientists extract raw data and merge it with analysis so that the end product holds greater value for their companies. In order to accomplish this, they need to have skills in mathematics and algorithms as well as have a wide breadth of knowledge so that they can put their findings in the proper context. Your technical skills should include proficiency in programming languages like Java, C#, and Python as well as in large databases like MongoDB and Hadoop. According to PayScale, data scientists earn an average of $71,336 annually. A degree in an area like computer science and an advanced degree will provide a good educational foundation for this job.

Database administrator

Database Administrators employ special applications to store and organize information. Over the course of their day, they may be asked to perform installations, migrations, configurations, database designs, data recovery, and more. There are certifications for database administrators as well. According to PayScale, database administrators earn an average of $65,407 annually.

IT project manager

Information Technology project managers are responsible for overseeing IT initiatives for their companies. Their roles include planning, handing out duties, and executing the game plans. The average salary for an IT project manager is $81,045 annually, according to PayScale. Post-secondary schools offer degree programs in IT project management and business.

The tech jobs mentioned above are bound to grow in popularity. If none of them appeals to you, take heart because there are lots of other tech jobs out there. Yes, the digital age is upon us, and there is definitely a need for smart, tech-savvy people to fill positions!

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