“Empower” is a big buzz word in the industry nowadays. And it is for a reason. Allowing your team to make decisions and take ownership of what is happening can be extremely beneficial for the whole organization.

In today’s episode, Edwin chats with Index Exchange’s Chief of Technology Officer, Marc Stavely.

Marc leads over 185 engineers at Index Exchange, the largest ad exchange in the global advertising marketplace.

When not working, Marc is an outdoors person. He is an avid hiker, canoeist, snowshoer, skier, and camper. He is also an engineer at heart, having designed and built his own house.

Listen as Marc discusses how he has grown as an effective technology leader throughout his career by empowering the team he leads.

Plus, he talks about the rise of agile and how this methodology has fueled his leadership.

Lastly, Marc talks about the characteristics that every emerging business leader needs to succeed.


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