Yesterday, I took part in a fast paced and engaging Twitter chat on the future of mobile payments, hosted by Zooz, a company that develops technology for the modern enterprise that wants to optimize online payments. There was an amazing panel of guest experts with plenty of experience and knowledge about the payment industry. I was definitely impressed. While there was a lot of enthusiasm about the possibilities mobile payments will open up, I was surprised to see a lot of critical comments about things such as the actual value in using cryptocurrency. My take away from the chat? There are a lot of developments happening in the field of mobile payments, and the future seems ripe for innovation.

Q1 What do you predict will be the most significant payment trends of 2015? #paytech2015

Q2 What are the biggest payment-related challenges facing retailers and etailers in 2015? #paytech2015

Related follow-up to Q2: What are the biggest challenges for retailers trying to expand into cross-border e-commerce? #paytech2015

Q3 Do you feel that Apple Pay is revolutionizing retail? Why or why not? #paytech2015

Related to Q3: Will Google, Samsung, CurrentC and other pending mpayments solutions be able to compete with Apple Pay? #paytech2015

Q4 Is it possible to prevent payment fraud without sacrificing the user experience? #paytech2015

Follow-up to #4: With their enhanced security, do you think mpayments could ever replace credit card payments? #paytech2015

Q5 Should retailers accept Bitcoin? Why or why not? #paytech2015

Follow-up to Q5: What would it take for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to become accepted by the mainstream? #paytech2015

Q6 What are your thoughts on EMV finally coming to the U.S.? #paytech2015

Followup to Q6: Do you think that US retailers will be able to make the EMV deadline? Should they be penalized if they don’t? #paytech2015

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