By Yale Holder

With all the recent talk about the premature death of the BlackBerry and in the wake of their recent AGM, what would your ideal blackberry cell phone look, and feel like.

I’ll be interested in your thoughts, but let me start things off, as a BlackBerry fan myself and what I would like to see in the next BlackBerry is…

Improved Hardware

I don’t like it when the BlackBerry sticks or freezes. So I would like a BlackBerry with at least 768 MB of RAM, A dual core processor and kick ass graphics not the 480 x 360 pixels standard more inline with the industry best, 960-by-640-pixels.

Where are the Apps?

My colleague uses a term over and over again, “infinite discovery”, I want to wake up every morning with a new way to use my BlackBerry – I need an app for everything. The best way to do this, is to adopt Android as an app platform.

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Lose the Keyboard

In my perfect BlackBerry there is no keyboard, more like the Torch without the slide out keyboard. Is the keyboard dead? Let me know what you think about this.

BBM for Android and iPhone

I know this is a bit off, but I would like to BBM my friends who have Android and who have the iPhone. So let’s create a BBM app for both platforms so I can communicate with everyone else out there.

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A cooler OS with more Sizzle

My BlackBerry must work and feel like the Playbook. Have some sizzle in the OS, move smoothly, and a better browser experience. I feel the PlayBook is one of the best experiences I’ve seen on a BlackBerry ever. I would like a similar experience, its much smoother, better multitasking and HD video, nice swiping features and it just seems more intuitive.

A Better Camera

The camera’s on the BlackBerry hasn’t been bad but it hasn’t been the best. I would like HD Video, 780p with a front facing camera, 8 MP with an HDMI video out port for connections to my HDTV.

I’m not going to sing goodbye to the BlackBerry just yet, as I’m sure my ideal BlackBerry is on the drawing board somewhere at RIM and hopefully will be released very soon.
Let’s help RIM get it right. What would your ideal BlackBerry look like?

Yale Holder is co-founder of myCELLmyTERMS, a Toronto-based company that helps cell phone users negotiate wireless plans with independent dealers.


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  • I agree with Yale’s list and would add the following other features or suggestions based on our SMB test lab trials at FOX GROUP and our clients’ feedback. (not in any particular order)
    1. Fingerproof screen – make it somehow not get grimy, without adding protector accessory.
    2. keep the keyboard – I use my torch to take notes at industry events, and works well, and don’t have to add keyboard like my iPAD2 to type as fast. Don’t lose it!
    3. Auto backup function for media content – we have enterprise synch up for contacts, emails. But find pulling videos/pics off the torch to be cumbersome…take a lesson from iPAD and make it automatic when connect to the PC with USB cable, (or at least give you the choice).
    4. Take Playbook and add phone capabilities to it including ability to add Avaya, Mitel, Cisco soft UC client apps, with option to pair or not on plans….that is novel idea that no one has done yet?
    As Canadians, let’s put our support behind RIM and don’t criticize or hang them out to dry so easily. They make good, reliable, secure products, and they keep us on the tech map globally! I’ll spend our FOX tech funds with RIM until someone does it many times better on all fronts, not just price.

  • Doug McCausland

    RIM needs to address the problems with the products they have allready released. This alienates the consumer to no end. Like having to remove the battery once every two days to do a “cold reboot” in order to repair a “lock-up”. I have had this on my last 4 Blackberrys. You think I should know better.

  • Jeff

    OH MAN, I’m so glad I found this blog. Hope this gets back to RIM.

    1. Dual SIM Card – will allow me to use the BB for my personal phone and my work phone. It should be VERY clear and by default the separation between calls from one SIM to another.

    2. The phone should also completely separate the data from my work phone and from my personal phone, but also give me the option to use information from one interface. Eg. If I start typing in my wife’s phone number, it will call from my personal SIM. If I start calling a work contact, it will call from m work SIM. Likewise if I’m emailing.

    3. Separation between between work and personal productivity. I’d like to install Angry Birds on my personal account (on the phone), but I’d also like the option to purchase productivity software with my work account, which is another credit card.

    4. It should also integrate to Google’s Corporate Gmail, and also my personal Gmail.

    5. Have my desktop environment nicely work with my phone. For example, in Google Maps I can create a new map for work (I travel a lot), and when I goto my Android the maps are pulled with the markers I’ve made from my desktop.

    6. BONUS POINTS: I’d like to swipe right to get my personal phone, or swipe left to get my work interface. Basically, let me have 2 phones in 1 phone and make it REALLY smooth and quick to move between the two. I may want to turn one phone on vibrate, and one on tone.

    7. I like the suggestion on not taking the battery out. Allow me to dump in a micro SD card or 2 without a reboot.

    8. Allow me to fully control my private information. If you’re going to move to the cloud idea, allow me to push and pull my info (truly) to/from your cloud.

    Jeff Sieben

  • Ed

    When I connect to a bluetooth device, I’d like to see sound volume control managed by my blackberry. Currently volume is controlled by the bluetooth!

    Thx Ed

  • If RIM Crash-proof OS for OS7 and all future versions of OS they would not have lost so many customers. More apps is something RIM cannot compete with, right now. They should bulk up QA first, then think about growing by apps.

    In the meantime, quality apps, not quantity of apps. The avg. business person just needs 5 apps or so and that includes the weather app and say, reuters. Other apps should be: skype, etc.

  • JIm

    The dual sim is a great idea. How about getting the phone companies to stop locking the devices. I travel to the US and have a T-Mobile phone. They have no problem with my using their sim in my BB Torch. This gives me all the contacts, data, etc. I just need the phone unlocked with no warranty issues, and not having to pay to have it unlocked. The dual sim on an unlocked phone….now that’s a good step. My BB Torch unlocked….even that is a good start.

  • Gisabun

    It will be a fantasy as RIM doesn’t bother to suggest what needs to be improved. Instead they update what they think people want. Hence why the company has major problems.

    Wouldn’t it be great if RIM sent out Emails to a big batch of users and asked them what they could do to improve future smartphones? They have our Email addresses.

  • Really Helpful And Nice Post Dude… Keep Bloging

  • My missus swears by her blackberry curve absolutly loves it i personaly prefer a touch screen smartphone samsung and sony erricson are the best in my opinion for all round performance.

    • Thanks Nevets. Those are really swell phones you mentioned. 🙂

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