A few months ago I wrote about the the broadened Web access footprint and pared down total cost of ownership of Maximizer CRM 11 , a customer relations management tool aimed at small and medium sized businesses (SMBs).

Nestor Arellano

 Recently, the Vancouver-based software company has zeroed in on an even smaller target.

Maximizer Software Inc. has pared down its customer relations management (CRM) tool to serve smaller sales units.

The new offerings do away with the marketing campaign features of earlier releases, while retaining the contact-management features. The new products also support Mobile CRM on users’ BlackBerry smartphones.

On May 29, the firm offered CRM 11 Entrepreneur Edition (one to five users).

This Windows desktop tool focuses on contact management and retails for $199 per license. The MaxMobile for BlackBerry add-on costs an additional $99.

CRM 11 Team Edition (five to 50 users) includes contact management as well as the same sales opportunity management features available on the Group and Enterprise editions.

Team Edition is priced at $549 per license and includes Windows Desktop and MaxMobile for BlackBerry. It comes with a free first year support.

The new products contain only the essentials, according to Bob Neudecker, director of marketing at Maximizer.

“We’re covering all the bases in the small and mid-sized business (SMB) space — from the lone entrepreneur operation to the company with five to 50 of more employees,” he said.

The new offerings retain some very useful features from this year’s earlier editions. These inlcude features that enable sales managers to keep tabs of sales team performance, features that help sales personnel monitor sales opportunities and deeper KPI monitoring.

You can find out more about the Maximizer Team and Entreprenuer Editions plus some very helpful insights about CRM tools from veteran sales proefessionals in my article Maximizer brings mobile CRM to small sales teams

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  • Maximizer’s direction is away from SMB’s.

    We have used Maximizer for 3 years after switching from the horrible ACT!. We are having a bad experience with Maximizer11 Entrepreneur version. The product promises to sync with Blackberry, but it turns out that you need webserver infrastructure to do this. This is unclear in the documentation.
    The tech support and customer service at Maximizer were unhelpful in addressing the issue, with a vague promise that it might be dealt with in the future. Our recent non refundable purchase of Maximizer is useless to us.

    • Hi Jay,

      Thanks very much for sharing your experience with Maximizer. It is regretful thought that you had problems with the product.
      I’ll see what I can do to get this to their attention.

  • Paul

    I have recently found the sales and tech support departments of maximizer to be “unhelpful” as well. I purchased the software and initially turned down the installation support figuring I could handle it myself. Over a weekend I found I could not and as a result emailed my sales person and arranged for me to call their tech support. I called – no reply :(, timed out on their 30 minute call time limit , left messages twice our fo the four times and no reply. Emailed the sales rep twice since and no reply. I was with ACT as well and hoped for more from Maximizer. I am sadly disappointed. Considering the both ACT and Maximizer both write software to ensure better customer relations they are both sadly lacking. I would very much say buyer beware when going to either of these companies.

    • Hi Paul,
      Tech companies should pay more attention to their customers. Most especially when these customers are having trouble with the products they just purchased from their company. In this day and age when people can connect not only through email and phone but through various social networking tools as well, there’s no excuse for a sales rep of customer support personnel for failing to get back to their customers in the most timely fashion.

      So, was your problem with the Maximizer product solved? What happened?