If you have been checking out the new car offerings, you are probably already aware of some of the new features available from automotive vendors.

Looking behind the scenes of current and upcoming features, you’ll find technology; lots and lots of technology. One might even speculate that the auto mechanics of the future will hold diplomas or degrees in computer science.

Vijay Sankaran, Director, Application Development, Ford Motor Company, half-jokingly remarks that Ford is in the midst of, “transforming from an automotive to a technology company.” But this thought might not be too far from the truth.

At IBM’s Impact 2013 conference, Ford showcased one of its new cars: the Fusion (http://www.ford.ca/cars/fusion/).The sporty sedan is designed in conjunction with IBM, leveraging technology to help deliver a streamlined, interactive and informative experience for its customer.


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“The Fusion has, 16 million lines of software code featuring voice-activated technology, speech communication, and it also offers 911 vehicle help, real time information, and a voice-based GPS., says Sankaran. “ It truly enables a mobile-digital lifestyle.”

While the speeds and feeds are still highly relevant when looking for a car, shoppers are swayed or influenced by technology-based options or additions, such as built-in GPS or speech communication options.

These features are offered in addition to “typical” car features such as seating room, fuel-economy, and engine size and transmission options.

It is designed by Ford’s engineers, in conjunction with its IT department, featuring IBM technology but also in partnership with many technology firms, including JIT (http://www.jit-computersolutions.com/)


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