I got a new BlackBerry Passport and I wanted to unlock it. That is, I wanted to free it up from the carrier I was using now and switch to another carrier. This video will show you how I did it in a few easy steps.

When I announced to my son that I was about to unlock my Passport he gave me that look and said, “Dad, get somebody else to do it. You don’t want to brick your phone.” It’s an expression that is a perfect mixture of pity and disdain with a side of superiority. If you are over 50 and have kids you know what I mean.

I told him that I’d make him eat his words. I didn’t need to go to some dingy little storefront. I could do this myself.

Having taken the challenge, I now had a real motivation – to make my son eat his words. Did I do it? Watch this video and find out.

First my disclaimer. This video is produced to show you what I did. ITBusiness.ca does not endorse unlocking a device on your own. Because we are not recommending you do this any damage done – if it voids your warranty, violates your cell phone contract or results in any damage to the phone or loss of data – is your responsibility.

Spoiler alert. I had no problem at all.

I can’t take all the credit. I got what I needed to know at Crackberry.com – it’s my first stop for information about anything BlackBerry.

I found a service that supplied with me the numbers I needed to unlock my phone. That was the one thing that bugged me a little.

I’m not sure I’d trust just anyone who offered a service like this. I checked out a few sites by searching but I settled on the unlock code provider mentioned at CrackBerry.com. I took that as one indication they might be good. But I did a little more due diligence. I also read their social media postings. They don’t edit the postings so you can see everything – complaints and all.

That was a good sign. I’ve heard far too much about sites that have paid for or simply forged their own glowing reviews. I read a lot of compliments. They seemed genuine. But I also read one flame from someone who thought they had ripped him off. I saw how the site responded – politely and solidly determined to help. Then I read the apology that this guy who complained sent in when he found the email that he had missed that solved his problem. Funny how a well handled complaint gave me more comfort than dozens of compliments.

They also had Paypal for payments. I checked the page out carefully. Am I paranoid? Probably. But you never know.  I always think twice before pulling out my wallet.

All in all? I thought I’d take a chance.

I went to their site.   http://www.blackberrycodesource.com/unlock-blackberry-passport.html

So I put that in their form and sent in my 27.95 via credit card. I got a response right away, thanking me for my business and promising to get back to me quickly. The next day I got an email with the unlock code.

  • Step 1 – I first backed up my phone using Blackberry Link
  • Step 2-  Replace the old Nano SIM in my phone with the new one.
  • Step 3 – Go to System Settings/Security and Privacy/SIM Card/Unlock Network and enter the unlock number
  • Step 4  – Phone your cell provider and ask them to activate the new SIM Code
  • Step 5 – Call my son (on my newly unlocked phone) and triumphantly exclaim “Booyah!”
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  • charliebrown


    Nice! Thanks for the great guide bro!

    I’m getting a Passport this week and will unlock it with the info you provided

    I wonder if I can use the phone with Wind Mobile once it is unlocked?

    I will email them to ask, hopefully it’s possible 🙂

  • charliebrown

    Thanks again,

    I managed to unlock my Bell BlackBerry Passport with http://www.blackberrycodesource.com as well and I am using it with wind mobile with no issues now! Amazing

    Thank u again for the suggestion bro

  • orion

    great recommendation, I just ordered my unlocking code from http://www.blackberrycodesource.com for my BlackBerry Classic at noon and just got an email now with the code! followed the guide you posted and it was unlocked
    easy as you said!

  • AnthonyB

    I unlocked my Rogers BlackBerry passport with http://freeyourcellphone.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=349 today,
    They also had good service,

    I’ve heard good things about Blackberry code source and their sites on forums but I always have used freeyourcellphone

    as they always give me a good deal and are good service too

    • Forest G


      Yes I used them becuase you recommended and FreeYourCellphone.com was great!

      Thanks for this great guide itbusiness!

  • tedbaker


    Just unlocked my AT&T USA blackberry passport with blackberrycodesource as well,

    then they emailed me to say they also unlock samsung, iPhone, htc, etc
    Samungcodesource, motorolacodesource.com, htccodesource, iunlocksource, etc lol similar names but effective!

    I had my previous samsung note 4 that needed unlocking so i unlocked it with them as well on Samsungcodesource.com and they just sent me the unlocking code today and really easy instructions.

    great service thanks for sharing this

  • tonym

    I used Blackberrycodesource.com to unlock my new AT&T blackberry Priv thanks to this great blog post you made and am glad I did, it was easy as you say!

    Also I’m surprised how easy it is to unlock the phone, I thought it would be a complicated thing but it is simple !

  • Bill Curneen

    I found them to be a scam, waited and waited, never got an unlock code, some people have waited days and days for a code and even then they didnt work, beware i say

  • khansultan

    Great service unlocked the phone today using blackberry code source website and couldn’t be easier

    I entered the unlocking code using the video instructions you made Jim

    It was easy:). Although i must admit i didn’t need to back up first lol 🙂

    • FOREST G


      Also FreeYourCellphone unlocked for me and it was pretty quick

      I have many friends that have used BBCS before too from he forums and I know they have been around for long too