Are you getting tired of clearing out all those spam messages from your blogsite’s comment section?

You’re not alone.  A recent survey released by online security software company Websense Inc. says that nearly 95 per cent of user generated comments to blogs, chat rooms, message boards and other social net content are actually spam or links to malware.

If  you’re engaged in any form of social networking activity to boost your professional or personal profile or if  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, BlogSpot or other such sites part of your company’s marketing campaign, that’s bad news.

Websense, however, has recently released a beta version 2.0 of its Defensio social Web threat detection platform.

The Defensio 2.0, which is available for free download for a limited time, analyzes and classifies user generated content posted on Web 2.0 scuh as blogsites and Facebook, according to Carl Mercier, director of software development for Websense.

“This is the first real-time security application for Facebook pages. It’s ideal for individuals and businesses that have a Facebook presence,” says Mercier who was founder and CEO of Defensio before it was bought up by Websense last year.

Defensio 2.0 might be worth a try. To see how it works click on this video link.

The application alerts the Facebook page owner if malicious or inappropriate content has been posted to their site. Filtering parameters can be set by the user. Once a risk is identified, the user can safely delete the content to prevent it from spreading to Facebook friends or blog readers.



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