After a recent successful Series A round of funding, wearable device maker, Bionym announced today that they have begun shipping their Nymi Band to the developer community.

The Nymi Band allows users to “store” their secure identity within their unique heartbeat. So instead of having to remember dozens of passwords and carry just as many pieces of identification, the Nymi Band would be able to authenticate a user’s identity.

It seems the next step in Bionym’s journey towards “persistent identity” has come to another milestone. According to Bionym’s director of platform, Balaji Gopalan, “We are truly excited by what our community has been creating with the Nymi Beta SDK and Nymulator, including partners such as Brivo Labs.”

We asked Bionym CEO Karl Martin why they have opened up their API and offered an SDK to the developer community.

“We recognized early on that the Nymi would be limited without a strong developer eco-system,” explained Martin. “We’re in constant awe of the creativity coming out of our developer community, and are excited about the ideas that they bring to life. We’re dedicated to supporting those that are creating Nymi-enabled applications, and look forward to working within them on an ongoing basis. At the end of the day, it’s about creating new convenient, secure, and delightful experiences for Nymi users.”

Bionym also announced that manufacturing has begun on the Nymi Band to be shipped to those who backed the Nymi Band with early pre-orders. Units are being tested and are now on their way in to the hands of key developers, partners, and team members.

Offered Gopalan, “We are proud to provide limited-edition Nymi Bands to our developers to help them deliver production-ready applications in time for the Nymi Band shipments later this fall.”


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