While many of us continue to go to a physical office every day, the business world is changing quickly. And while some leaders are behaving like an ostrich (burying their heads in the sand), others are creating connected 21st century organizations by leading in the edges. The biggest shift we are facing is not about technology but because of the ability of technology to connect us and build thriving communities.

We are going back to basics

I recently had a fascinating Google Hangout with a social entrepreneur who is doing some breakthrough work in Europe. She confirmed a lot of what I was thinking about the new “sharing economy.” Is it new?  Yes, the technology is new in how it connects us but there is not much new when it comes to community and business.  We are going back to basics in terms of community and we are using technology as an enabler to connect us so today if you have a device with an Internet connection, you can connect with other people who you may not already know.

Vanessa shared that her recent work in Greece a young entrepreneur told her:

What you call ‘social innovation’ in North America, we simply call life. We have such high unemployment that we need to rent out rooms in our homes and share. We need to find ways to exist.

21st Century Connected Organization

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