You’ve spent weeks/months – designing and developing your app. It takes a lot of time to get it just the way you want it, but when you launch on the App Store, you barely get any downloads or installs for it. What happened?

Consider that making an application takes a lot of time, but that’s only half of it. How you promote your app will take you just as long (If you’re doing it right).

Tapgage has kept a close eye on the mobile app Industry for the past year. We’ve seen great new ways to help developers promote and monetize applications.

Below are over 80 different ways, tips and tricks you can use to promote your new and old apps.

Tips courtesy of, from left to right, Arfan Chaudhry, Gurjit Legha and Salman Habib of Tapgage, a company incubating in the Ryerson University Digital Media Zone.

1. Have a catchy Title that stands out from the rest. (Blog post)

2. Create an attractive (Sexy) icon that stands out from the rest. (Article 1) (Article 2)

3. Use relevant keyword to describe your app on the App Store. (ASO Tool)

4. App Size – Reducing the app size allows users on 3G to download with ease. (>50mb)

5. Reviews – Encourage users to review your app, as higher rating attracts users.

6. Free Apps – Attract more users compared to paid apps.

7. Promo Codes – If you have a paid app give away promo codes so users can try it out and tell their friends.

8. Submit your application to various app directories such as Appolocious.

9. Promote your app with a Facebook Page.

10. Promote your app with a Twitter Profile.

11. Create a Youtube Video of your App.

12. App Review Website – Submit your app to review websites such as Crazy Mikes Apps and

13. Press Release – Use press release services like

14. Have someone popular endorse your app.

15. Participate in Forums – Some forums you can check out are iPhonedevSDK and Toucharcade.

16. Advertise on Social Media using MyLikes.

17. Use mobile advertising networks to drive installs.

18. Have an App Agency help you out such as Appency, Appular, App-Promo, etc.

19. Use Cross-Promotion tactics with Networks.

20. Feature your app on services like app of the day. Use services like FAAD, W3I, AppAllstar.

21. Advertise on relevant blogs use

22. Promote on your Twitter and Facebook links.

23. Distribute Flyers / Stickers / Promotional Material at relevant events.

24. Demo your app at relevant events.

25. Use Affiliate Networks to help you drive more installs like Mobpartner.

26. Social Gaming Network such as Mobage and Scoreloop.

27. Allow users to Share your App Via Facebook within the App.

28. Allow users to Share your App Via Twitter within the App.

29. Invest in a great user interface.

30. Use a description that attracts users to install the app.

31. Use screen shots that attracts users to install the app.

32. Promote your app via your email, forum and any other profile signature.

34. Ask your friends to share on Facebook and Twitter about your app.

35. Advertise on relevant forums.

36. Participate in Q&A websites such as Quora, Linkedin Answers, Yahoo Answers.

37. Advertise in Magazine such as iPhone Life Magazine.

38. Advertise on Facebook by targeting similar apps that users liked on Facebook.

39. Collaborate with prominent Developers.

40. Use reward networks to keep the user engaged and share like

41. Have a contest. Give-away free prizes that people WANT!

42. Use Facebook Connect and leverage Facebook’s user base.

43. Internal cross promotion – leverage from other apps you own.

44. Join Indie retweet group that helps Indie developers promote via Twitter. (Heres one group)

45. Reach out to tech writers and pitch them about your app. (Tell your Story)

46. The Weekend is the best time to launch your App.

47. Have a Launch party for your App Business.

48. Go out to conferences to demo your app.

49. Contact developers directly and setup deals with them in promoting your app.

50. Have a website for your app – A good example is

51. Use incentivized networks to drive installs to your apps like Tapjoy.

52. Build an engaging app that goes viral itself. (Easier said then done)

53. Submit to Various App Stores such as GetJar, Amazon App Store.

54. Paid Search Marketing – target keywords that are relevant to your app.

55. Price Strategy – If you have a paid app have a sale or give it away for free for a certain period of time.

56. If you have a paid app create a lite version for people to try out.

57. Email marketing – If you have a database of emails that you collected inform them about your new app.

58. Allow users to pay for your paid app using virtual currency using services like Free My Apps (Fiksu)

59. Guest blog post on relevant blogs.

60. Comment on relevant blog posts. (Like this one! – If you have more to add to the list add in the comments below)

61. Do Radio and podcast Interviews.

62. Incentivize your user to share your application.

63. Sponsor events & conferences.

64. Promote your app on your business card.

65. Advertising on relevant twitter profile using services like sponsored tweets,

66. Participate in panelist discussions at a conferences.

67. Make an App Trailer.

68. Build an app that actually solves a problem.

69. Be creative don’t build an app that already exists.

70. Advertise on relevant websites.

71. Use mobile app distribution networks that focus on app distribution such as AppTap, Appstores.

72. Create a slide share presentation demonstrating the features of your app.

73. Featured app on the App Store by being unique and talking actively with Apple.

74. Integrate Analytics so you can determine how you can improve your app and user acquisition. (Flurry)(Google)

75. Article marketing promote your apps by writing Articles and submitting them to article directories.

76. Promote your app by advertising it on a T-Shirt / Hoody / Apparel. (Entripy)

77. Integrate app check-in – You can use services like Heyzap.

78. Promote your apps on social sharing websites like Reddit, Digg

79. Network with relevant people in your app industry that can help you promote your app.

80. If you are paying to drive installs use a burst campaign that will help improve App Store ranking.

81. Use Reward Apps to Drive Installs like App Trailers and Juno Wallet.

82. Being lucky… We’re not often the superstitious type but go buy a GOOD LUCK CHARM.. Or partake in a RAIN DANCE… sometimes it’s just dumb luck.


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