By Diana Zelikman, Fueled

When it comes to office productivity, there are a multitude of apps and programs to help you manage time and projects more effectively, but what about some of the more physically frustrating facets of office life? Things like, how do you manage your multiple cables? How can you access that USB port that is hidden in the back of your computer?  How do you stop the never ending creep of the USB charger cable as it ‘walks’ its way to the back of your desk?

All these, plus a few more, will be answered! Here at Fueled, we have found some great chotchkies which are all under $20 that will help with the smaller, annoying aspects of office working.

CableDrop from Blue Lounge

Ever wondered how you could keep your smart device cables all in one place on your desk where you can easily access them? Look no further – the CableDrop is a tiny little item that will keep your cables right where you want them. Simply peel and stick the base of the CableDrop to the best location on your desk and attach your cable. No more chasing cables across your desk or picking them up from underneath it!

Quirky Cordies from Quirky

Similar to the CableDrop above, Cordies will keep all your cables in the one location. Available in quirky colours, cordies are a great addition to the modern or creative office space. Simple in their design, they are easy to use and can fit up to 4 cables in one cordie.

Cordies Executive from Quirky

This Cordie will help not only arrange your cables, but any other small items, such as your iPhone, iPad, post-it notes etc, all in the one, easy to access spot. Keep it all in the one place while you work!

Rolio by Blue Lounge

Do you find your iPhone always has to be charged on the ground because the cable is too short? Or do you have an issue with cable management on yours, i.e. there are just too many scattered across your desk? This is the device for you. Rolio doubles as both a docking station for your iPhone and a cable management all in one. Either plug it into your wall or computer and enjoy a cable free area and a safer way to charge your iPhone.

Nest by Blue Lounge

Do you use your iPad as a second screen at work? I bet you’ve found it super difficult to get it to stay put in the one place. Unlike those other pesky iPad case stand options, the Nest is an excellent example of a simple yet revolutionary way to use your iPad. It also doubles as an iPhone holder or key holder. Able to hold any tablet, not just an iPad, you can view either landscape or portrait with ease. No more falling down tablets for you!

These chotchkies are for those on a budget, but never fear there are an endless amount of low and high end items to help you keep organized.


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