Every business decision you make is important. It can either negatively or positively affect the success of your company. The size of your office is no exception. It is vital to have the proper office size.

You need enough room for your equipment, storage and your staff. If you get an office that is too big, you will end up wasting money on rental fees and utilities. However, as your business grows, you will eventually need a larger office to accommodate your needs. You need to make sure you have enough room to store your documents and office equipment. You will also need enough meeting rooms and staff break areas.

1. Not enough meeting rooms

It is important to have enough meeting rooms. If you don’t have enough meeting rooms, you will experience lower productivity. Meetings will have to be put off until there is a place to hold them.

Meetings are often used to discuss important project decisions. Therefore, when meetings are not held on time, it can push project deadlines back. These delays can result in your company losing clients.

Some people use public areas, such as restaurants, to hold meetings. This is not a good practice as any proprietary information could be leaked. Also, there is no way to guarantee these public areas will always be able to accommodate your meetings.

Other times, people will rent out meeting areas. If you do this on a regular basis, it could cost you more in the long run than upgrading to a larger office. If you don’t have enough room for all your meetings, it’s time to upgrade and get a bigger office.

2. Storage area is overflowing

It’s important to have enough storage space. If you are running low on storage space, your storage closet can quickly become unorganized. You don’t want to have a bunch of boxes stacked on top of each other.

This can result in damaged supplies and the amount of time it takes to find supplies can significantly increase. This will lead to lost productivity. Some people have resorted to moving supplies to other areas of the office.

Depending on the type of cleaning supplies you use, this can also be dangerous. When you don’t have enough room to store all of your supplies, you might want to consider moving to a bigger office.

3. Overcrowded work area

Your staff need to have enough room to do their jobs. A crowded work environment can cause stress and this stress results in less productivity.

A crowded work environment can also be very distracting. If there are a lot of people in the same room working on different projects, it can be hard for them to stay focused on their task. Each staff member needs to have enough space to work on their projects.

Both of these factors can have a negative impact on your business. If your staff does not have enough room to do their jobs, it could be time to make that upgrade and get a bigger office.

4. You can afford it

Of all the factors involved in making your decision, this is one of the most important. If your office is growing enough that you don’t have enough room, you will most likely be able to get a bigger office without any problems. But, you still want to look at the numbers and doing so will help you make the best possible choice.

When you are looking at your budget, consider the fact that more office space can mean a higher level of productivity. Your staff will not be as stressed. You will also have enough meeting rooms and storage areas.

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