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Firms can’t get no satisfaction

Growing dissatisfaction over the quality of outsourced services is resulting in a record number of renegotiations and early terminations of job contracts, according to a recent survey by IDC Canada. Titled Reaching Satisfying

Published on: July 31st, 2007 Nestor Arellano

North American banks move towards full MFA deployment

The challenge of balancing security and positive client experience continues to plague efforts by North American banks to implement multifactor authentication solutions, according to a recent study.Only 50 per cent of U.S. retail

Published on: July 27th, 2007 Nestor Arellano

Can you believe a blog?

Blogs are certainly among the most infectious sites on the Internet with reportedly 71 million tracked as of two months ago, but experts remain divided on the potential of this social tool as

Published on: July 25th, 2007 Nestor Arellano

Marketers coming up short on Web 2.0

Web-based services and communities offer a very powerful arsenal of marketing tools but technology vendors need to learn how to wield them properly to generate sales, according to a recent survey.There appears to

Published on: July 19th, 2007 Nestor Arellano

Teleworkers check into SuiteWorks for the atmosphere

Stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the morning rush hour, most motorists are probably asking "what ever happened to telecommuting?" Despite advances in Web-based communication and collaboration tools, the notion of working from home

Published on: July 18th, 2007 Nestor Arellano

How to get through to the Internet generation

Selling products to college students and recent grads? Hang up the phone and pull down the billboards but make a lot of noise on the Internet and be sure to court the parents

Published on: July 17th, 2007 Nestor Arellano

Tech contracts: How to read between the lines

When revamping technology selling strategies consider taking a 180 ˚ turn on tried and true approaches to get better results.“Completely re-think what you've been doing and consider the direct opposite,”said Oleg Feldgajer, investment

Published on: July 16th, 2007 Nestor Arellano

Canadian freight operation offloads paperwork

Operations at the Toronto office of Kuehne + Nagel Ltd. was groaning under the weight of tons of paper work until the Swiss-based freight forwarding firm decided to take its chances with a

Published on: July 11th, 2007 Nestor Arellano

Banks’ IT budget increasingly spent on crime-fighting

Increasing government pressure on the financial industry to devote its resources in battling terrorists financing schemes will drive worldwide spending on anti-money laundering (AML) software products, according to two separate studies.Global expenditure on

Published on: July 11th, 2007 Nestor Arellano

This laptop’s all yours, says Dell

Cheap and easy are the two words that best describe a new line of notebooks and desktops rolled out Tuesday by Dell Inc.The family of laptop computers under the Vostro brand sells for

Published on: July 10th, 2007 Nestor Arellano

Canadian banks put the brakes on open source

Despite the performance and price advantages offered by open source applications, financial institutions in Canada remain hesitant dive into non-proprietary solutions, according to a recent survey.In a poll of more than 1,600 IT

Published on: July 10th, 2007 Nestor Arellano

Cossette buys Dare Digital to round out marketing arsenal

A fledgling but creative U.K.-based Web marketing "boutique" will be a huge asset for global advertising firm Cossette Communication Group of Quebec, according to Canadian media experts.The C$21 million purchase of Dare Digital,

Published on: July 4th, 2007 Nestor Arellano

Sunrise Health gives servers a check-up

A server management application tool from Hewlett-Packard Inc. is helping a Saskatchewan-based health organization cut downtime during troubleshooting and network administration procedures.The Integrated Lights-Out 2 (iLO 2) provides the IT staff of the

Published on: July 3rd, 2007 Nestor Arellano

It’s my life, I’ll work when I want to

As people head off for the cottage to forget about work, a majority of long weekend travellers are effectively lugging along digital umbilical cords to the office.Technology industry experts also say that as

Published on: June 29th, 2007 Nestor Arellano

TD Visa pushes Web boundaries with incentive site

Choice, ease of use and speed are the leading features sought by online shoppers when they surf the Web.These were the basic points that TD Financial Group followed as well when it decided

Published on: June 28th, 2007 Nestor Arellano