Articles By Neil Sutton

Kiss your PDA goodbye

I don't own a cell phone. I admit that like I'd admit a drug habit.Most people politely smile when I tell them that. Others give me an incredulous squint as if to say,

Published on: April 17th, 2007 Neil Sutton

Scam lounge

Recently, I was on the lookout for a free Wi-Fi hotspot available in Toronto. I'd purchased a wireless device and wanted to try it out online. Not having a home network, a free

Published on: March 20th, 2007 Neil Sutton

Operating systems are quickly becoming commodity items

The operating system is in danger of becoming a commodity item like the PC. It's less important than the applications that run on top of it and Microsoft's Vista launch is amply demonstrating

Published on: March 6th, 2007 Neil Sutton

UBC mulls hosting for CMS rollout

The University of British Columbia is rolling out a content management solution as broadly as possible using a mix of its own servers and offsite hosting.UBC has been in need of some uniformity

Published on: February 23rd, 2007 Neil Sutton

Communication lines are open

It's traditional when starting a new publication for the editor to outline his or her goals to the reader. But I'm going to let one of my contributors have the first say. Rob

Published on: February 23rd, 2007 Neil Sutton

The channel weighs in on MS-Novell update

According to a study published by Microsoft and Novell, more than 90 per cent of their customers favour their recent agreement, but the degree of heterogeneity in enterprise IT environments may make the

Published on: December 14th, 2006 Neil Sutton

After the crisis

Until recently, Menchini was chief information officer for New York City. He originally took on the role a matter of months after Sept. 11, 2001.The IT and disaster recovery implications of 9-11 were

Published on: December 13th, 2006 Neil Sutton

Inertia keeps users clinging to PCs: IDC

The promise of a thin client has always been the functionality of a desktop with the low maintenance and overhead of a dumb terminal. But they still haven't overtaken PC.Thin terminals are basically

Published on: December 12th, 2006 Neil Sutton

McMaster uses simulator to teach comp-sci students

A virtual reality simulator recently acquired by McMaster University could help computer science students gain a unique understanding of information technology integration issues.The machine is an enclosed pod the size of a mini-van.

Published on: December 12th, 2006 Neil Sutton

Senators to give arena an IP overhaul

The home of the Ottawa Senators is undergoing a major IT renovation to improve communications for the building, its residents and fans of the NHL team.“We’re redoing all the phone and IT infrastructure

Published on: December 11th, 2006 Neil Sutton

Oracle’s integration gets tougher: IDC

Oracle Corp. wilL ACQUIRE MetaSolv Software Inc. for US$219.2 million - a move industry experts said could complicate the company's ongoing integration issues but should ultimately help flesh out its product portfolio.Founded in

Published on: December 11th, 2006 Neil Sutton

Canadian Securities Administrators issue warning on stock spam

Securities regulators across Canada have collectively issued a warning to the Canadian public to ignore unsolicited investment advice they receive as e-mail. Investment spam is a growing concern, according to The Canadian Securities

Published on: December 7th, 2006 Neil Sutton

Seagate puts encryption at device level

A NEW HARDWARE-BASED encryption technology from Seagate Technology could become standard in a few years as a means to combat data theft from stolen or lost laptops.Dubbed DriveTrust Technology, encryption is integrated directly

Published on: December 7th, 2006 Neil Sutton

MS Exchange 2007 available only for those using 64-bit systems, excluding many users

Microsoft's Exchange Server 2007 software may have some advantages over the previous edition, but the fact that it's only available in a 64-bit version may exclude all but a handful of users, according

Published on: December 7th, 2006 Neil Sutton

SAP promises easier transition for ERP clients next time around

LAS VEGAS – SAP's senior executives Monday said that they want to lay out the next three to four years of their architecture in a more iterative fashion to allow customers a gentle,

Published on: December 5th, 2006 Neil Sutton