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HP refreshes its printer options for SMBs and enterprises

Already a leader within the printing industry, HP unveiled new single-function, multifunction, scanners and printing solutions Oct. 1. With an emphasis on simple, secure and mobile printing opportunities, HP widens the opportunities for

Published on: October 2nd, 2013 Michelle Warren

HP’s new EliteBook & ProBook series address BYOD trend

Responding to some of the changes in the workforce, HP's EliteBooks and ProBooks are designed to marry the demands from both IT departments and business users. Employees increasingly want lightweight, stylish and functional

Published on: October 1st, 2013 Michelle Warren

Is that your new car or your new data center?

If you have been checking out the new car offerings, you are probably already aware of some of the new features available from automotive vendors. Looking behind the scenes of current and upcoming

Published on: May 8th, 2013 Michelle Warren

IBM promises streamlined M2M communication with MessageSight

IBM Corp. said its MessageSight appliance will help organizations better manage communications between mobile devices and other machines connected to the corporate network. Unveiling MessageSight at the Impact 2012 conference here, Big Blue

Published on: May 2nd, 2013 Michelle Warren

IBM reaffirms its commitment to Open Standards

Cloud computing customers need the ability to access pools of information from different sources. They must be able to access code and tools from a variety of vendors, ensuring that they use the

Published on: March 6th, 2013 Michelle Warren

Talk to the face: Canadians still prefer in-person meetings

In a recent study conducted by Ipos Open Think Exchange (IPOS OTS) and Ipos Global @dvisor, 88 per cent of the survey’s 500 Canadian respondents prefer in-person meetings versus telephone meetings. Interesting results,

Published on: September 4th, 2012 Michelle Warren

Keeping your spirits high with a ‘success file’

Maintaining a positive attitude can be tough at times. Life can hit us with all sorts of negative influences, and there are so many of them! Poor performance reviews, downsizing (sorry, “rightsizing”), competitive

Published on: July 10th, 2012 Michelle Warren

Don’t just tell, communicate with your audience

By Michelle Warren Have you witnessed a powerful keynote presentation recently? During these staples of the business scene in the IT industry, senior level executives deliver informative presentations to audiences ranging in size

Published on: June 29th, 2012 Michelle Warren

Consumer PC market is for resellers

Some might argue that the consumer PC market is not an ideal fit for the IT reseller channel. However, the possibilities and the potential of the product segment are limitless. Spawned by declining

Published on: July 6th, 2005 Michelle Warren

Are PC purchasers shifting away from Tier One vendors?

The Canadian PC market experienced its strongest quarter of the previous eight in the final quarter of 2004. Total shipments, including desktops, notebooks and servers, reached an estimated 1,118,300 units, which indicated a

Published on: April 13th, 2005 Michelle Warren

Fourth quarter display numbers are in

The fourth quarter of 2004 was successful for monitor vendors in Canada.  The market witnessed increased competition, which reduced prices for consumer and corporate purchasers, and intensified vendors' go-to-market strategies.  As a result,

Published on: March 16th, 2005 Michelle Warren

Fourth quarter white box numbers are in

The Canadian PC market experienced its strongest quarter of the previous eight, in the final quarter of 2004.  Total shipments, including desktops, notebooks and servers, reached an estimated 1,118,300 units, which indicated a

Published on: March 9th, 2005 Michelle Warren

VARs optimistic about the future of IT

The reseller outlook for the IT industry is bright for 2004 and 2005. Increased sales opportunities are forecasted for both hardware and outsourcing segments. Annual hardware expenditures are expected to increase by 52

Published on: September 1st, 2004 Michelle Warren

Surprise: Microsoft is Canada’s preferred software vendor

Software giant Microsoft reigns as the preferred operating system supplier for Canadian IT resellers, according to a recent survey conducted by Evans Research Corporation (ERC). The research findings are published in ERC’s 2004

Published on: July 28th, 2004 Michelle Warren

LCD display sales soar so far in 2004

Monitor vendors with liquid crystal display (LCD) products are poised to take the IT market by storm in 2004. Following an extremely impressive 2003, market adoption of LCD technology is expected to continue

Published on: March 10th, 2004 Michelle Warren