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Microsoft unveils “simplified” 2007 Office GUI

Consisting of both client and server components, Microsoft Corp. says that its upcoming 2007 Office System represents the most significant productivity enhancements in over a decade. The second beta of the suite was

Published on: May 23rd, 2006 Lynn Greiner

Technology is throwing our work-life balance out of whack

Many years ago I remember reading that by the year 2000 we would be persons of leisure thanks to the wonders of technology. Our work days would be shorter, our weeks devoid of

Published on: April 13th, 2006 Lynn Greiner

Tapping into the wireless zone

The keyboard is a necessary and often neglected part of a computer system. Desktop systems often come with gruesome $8 specials that torture their users with poor touch and poorer ergonomics. It's no

Published on: April 13th, 2006 Lynn Greiner

WordPerfect Office 13

The $379.99 Standard Edition contains the WordPerfect word processor, Quattro Pro spreadsheet, WordPerfect Presentations, and a new addition, WordPerfect Mail. You also get the Pocket Oxford dictionary, Presentation Graphics X3 for creating and

Published on: March 23rd, 2006 Lynn Greiner

If converged devices fail, you’re completely cut off

I was installing BlackBerry desktop software for a colleague recently when she announced that she was now using a separate cellphone rather than the phone in her BlackBerry, and she quite liked it.I

Published on: March 2nd, 2006 Lynn Greiner

Today’s IT professional juggles many corporate balls

Gartner’s trend predictions for 2006 include one that may strike fear into the hearts of techies: By 2010, the job market for IT specialists will shrink by 40 per cent.Is IT, as a

Published on: January 31st, 2006 Lynn Greiner

With security like this, who needs hackers?

If you believe many industry experts, security and usability cannot exist in the same application. Security is, apparently, the art of making software difficult to use so it can’t be compromised – security

Published on: January 13th, 2006 Lynn Greiner

Office users should be able to do simple functions such as map a shared drive

Every craft or tradesperson knows that to do a good job, you have to know and respect your tools.A dull, rusty saw can injure its user and make the job harder. Not knowing

Published on: December 7th, 2005 Lynn Greiner

Tablets covered in insurance sector

When the Tablet PC was launched, three years ago, it was with great fanfare and predictions of world domination.It hasn't quite happened that way. In 2004, Tablets hit about $US1.2 billion worldwide, according

Published on: December 7th, 2005 Lynn Greiner

Maybe a little fear of torture is what developers need

If you believe that Microsoft doesn’t know what users really think when they get that irksome little dialogue box that apologizes for the inconvenience after their software blows up, and asks them for

Published on: November 7th, 2005 Lynn Greiner

Batteries, laps not included

Let's be perfectly clear: a desktop replacement laptop computer is not meant for laps - not unless you want to sacrifice the circulation in your legs. Let's be perfectly clear: a desktop replacement

Published on: November 7th, 2005 Lynn Greiner

Wireless LANs: Speeding along the wireless route

Walk into an office, or an airport, or a conference centre these days, and chances are you’ll discover a wireless network. Even home users can surf the Web from the back yard.But today’s

Published on: October 20th, 2005 Lynn Greiner

Back in the ’70s, computers had personalities

There’s something about an anniversary that brings back memories. Computing Canada’s 30th birthday got me thinking about the computers I knew when the publication first appeared, and how much things have changed.It was

Published on: September 27th, 2005 Lynn Greiner

A new challenge for VARs

Robert Courteau's ambition is clear.“Our customers say they want one throat to choke,” he said, “and I want to be that throat.”The president and CEO of the recently-created Bell Business Solutions division isn't

Published on: July 20th, 2005 Lynn Greiner

Lords almighty

Robert Herbold has been around. He spent twenty-six years at Procter & Gamble, at the end as senior vice-president of marketing. He was executive vice-president and chief operating officer at Microsoft for eight

Published on: July 8th, 2005 Lynn Greiner