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Make sure your Facebook profile is squeaky clean with NetworkClean

Facebook is a lot of fun...until you realize that much of the information posted there could be found by someone you might not want to see it. Like your boss, or potential boss.

Published on: May 16th, 2012 Liane Cassavoy

11 free Twitter apps and service you need to know

p> Twitter is all about keeping things brief. It is, after all, a microblogging service, one that limits you to 140 characters per post. But while Twitter promotes a less-is-more approach, the same

Published on: May 2nd, 2012 Liane Cassavoy

Free and easy email encryption with Enlocked

Like many people, I rely heavily on email to communicate with all sorts of folks. And sometimes, whether it's sending tax information to my husband or credit card information to the owner of

Published on: April 4th, 2012 Liane Cassavoy

PostPost helps you find the tweets you want

The more you use Twitter, the more overwhelming the micro-blogging service can be. That's because the more you're on the service, posting more information, following more folks, and consuming more information, well, it

Published on: March 30th, 2012 Liane Cassavoy

Three top automated email reminder plugins and services

Many of us use our email inbox as a to-do list. Keeping that to-do list organized and easily accessible is a daunting task--especially with scores of new messages arriving daily. Each of these

Published on: December 21st, 2011 Liane Cassavoy

Store, share media with 4Shared

4Shared is more than just a virtual drive for storing your digital content. And it's more than just a service for sharing that content with friends and family. 4Shared (free) accomplishes both of

Published on: September 14th, 2011 Liane Cassavoy

Manage your Android phone from your PC with MobileGo

You can deride iTunes for its cut-off, protected environment. And you can complain about the iPhone's closed nature. But what you can't deny is that Apple's two products work incredibly well together, delivering

Published on: July 18th, 2011 Liane Cassavoy

How to turn Starbucks into your new office

You're gripping a triple-shot Espresso Macchiato with your left hand and prepping a presentation on your laptop's screen with your right. You chat with your client from your smartphone, trusting that the whoosh

Published on: April 20th, 2011 Liane Cassavoy

The limits to so-called unlimited tech service

If you sign up for an unlimited Internet service, you expect it to be a service that comes, well, without limits, right? That's what Jim P. expected when he subscribed to Clearwire's high-speed

Published on: April 13th, 2011 Liane Cassavoy

Nightmare scenario: the smoking laptop and Dell’s slow response

Sure, I've read reports about overheating laptops --even ones that get so hot they set on fire--but I always thought that it was the kind of thing that happened only to other people.

Published on: September 24th, 2010 Liane Cassavoy

Yahoo Search now powered entirely by Bing

It's official: Yahoo's search results in the Canada and the U.S. are now fully powered by Microsoft's Bing. The announcement came on Tuesday, a little more than a year after the two tech

Published on: August 26th, 2010 Liane Cassavoy

5 reasons Facebook is an anti-social network

E-mail, it seems, has become yesterday's news. While checking e-mail used to be our primary reason for going online, we now devote more of our online time to surfing social networks, according to

Published on: August 4th, 2010 Liane Cassavoy

Four low cost ways to make calls on your cell phone

Mobile Voice-over-IP services promise to save you money by routing voice calls over your carrier's data network. As more carriers and handsets support high-speed data hookups, such services are proliferating. We looked at

Published on: March 13th, 2009 Liane Cassavoy

10 sizzling productivity apps for your BlackBerry

Not long ago, the words "BlackBerry" and "software" didn't belong in the same sentence. Sure, yourBlackberry smart phone was capable of running software; it even came with a few applications installed. But if

Published on: February 20th, 2009 Liane Cassavoy

RIM pitches another Curve

First came the trim, consumer-friendly BlackBerry Curve 8300. Then came the Wi-Fi-enabled BlackBerry 8820. Now there's the BlackBerry Curve 8320, an impressive PDA phone that combines the best of the previous two models

Published on: October 30th, 2007 Liane Cassavoy