Articles By Kanika Goswami

Motorcycle firm revs up customer service with SMS

While "speed" was a hallmark of Hero Honda's scooters and motorbikes -- until recently the same couldn't be said of the Indian firm's customer service.Speed Breaker AheadMany of the company's challenges in this

Published on: August 27th, 2009 Kanika Goswami

Thou shall not commit adulteration…and IT ensures you won’t

Adulterated fuel is a big business in India. It's so big, it's worth killing for. In November 2005, S. Manjunath, a sales manager for the Indian Oil Corporation, was murdered by the fuel

Published on: March 2nd, 2008 Kanika Goswami

India’s largest Linux rollout forges ahead despite tremendous odds

On May 26, 2006, Elcot (Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu) let in its first penguin. Things would never be the same again.That day, Elcot's managing director, C. Umashankar, walked into his office in

Published on: January 16th, 2008 Kanika Goswami

Healthcare firm uses technology to maintain strength

Among the list of booming Indian industries, healthcare is just a step ahead of IT -- but that's only because it's arranged alphabetically. The sector has been growing at an incredible pace especially

Published on: December 19th, 2007 Kanika Goswami