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Five reasons to embrace Google Voice and five reasons to hold off

After weeks of anticipation, Google is finally accepting a limited number of new users into its Google Voice phone system. Google Voice allows you to unite all of your phones under a single

Published on: June 29th, 2009 JR Raphael

The “Scunthorpe Problem” – unfortunate names subject to Web censorship

The Internet is full of filth. From "barely legal babes" to barely avoidable male-enhancement spam, something risqué seems to be lurking around every corner online. Yet in an age where amateur action may

Published on: December 11th, 2008 JR Raphael

Wikipedia page ban sparks ethics controversy

The banning of a Wikipedia page by a U.K. Internet watchdog is raising tough questions over how far online censorship should go -- and the decisions made in the coming days could prove

Published on: December 10th, 2008 JR Raphael

Facebook Connect could revolutionize social networking

Facebook launched its Web-wide sign-on system, Facebook Connect, on Thursday -- and let me tell you, this thing has the potential to simplify and enrich social networking in a revolutionary way. The Comparisons

Published on: December 8th, 2008 JR Raphael

Six things you should know before adopting Vista SP2

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 is set to be releasedas a public beta version Thursday, Microsoft has confirmed. The program, which has been under limited testing since October, will become available on the

Published on: December 5th, 2008 JR Raphael

The Web’s 11 worst blogs

Love 'em or hate 'em, blogs are everywhere you look these days. From Britney to your boss's bratty nephew, it seems everyone has something to say--and no one's shy about sharing. Let's face

Published on: November 19th, 2008 JR Raphael

Seven sneaky ways tech product vendors are making you pay more

See related article: iPhone welcomed to Canada by massive online protest Faced with a worsening economy, companies are afraid to raise fees. Liberal MP David McGuinty (Ottawa South) talks about his "Get Connected

Published on: November 5th, 2008 JR Raphael

20 online tools and sites to keep you on top of today’s election

Ready for election day? The Web is brimming with interactive tools - everything from widgets to mobile alerts - that can help you stay on top of the presidential vote and keep you

Published on: November 4th, 2008 JR Raphael

Microsoft shares key details about Windows 7, Azure

Microsoft revealed a significant shift in its strategy Monday, introducing two new and drastically different Windows products at its annual Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles. First, there is Microsoft's cloud-based Windows system, Azure, which

Published on: October 29th, 2008 JR Raphael

The scoop on Bill Gates’ new ultra-secret start-up

Bill Gates has a new business in the works -- and, depending on whom you ask, it could be anything from a philanthropic foundation to a high-tech firm for space exploration. First, the

Published on: October 27th, 2008 JR Raphael

Browser wars: IE 8 vs. Google Chrome vs. Mozilla Firefox 3.1

Mozilla's second alpha of Firefox 3.1 is upping the ante in the next-generation browser battle. So how do the main contenders stack up so far now? One thing's for sure, the Firefox team

Published on: September 19th, 2008 JR Raphael

Five signs you’re an e-mail addict

Quick: When's the last time you checked your e-mail? If you're like most Americans, the answer is likely within the last 15 minutes -- even if you're not at work. And if you

Published on: September 12th, 2008 JR Raphael