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Boston Celtics use hosted e-mail service to stamp out spam

On the basketball court, the Boston Celtics are a well-oiled machine, dispatching lesser opponents with ease and style. But behind the scenes, the Celtics' franchise recently found that its e-mail infrastructure was outdated

Published on: November 9th, 2009 Jon Brodkin

How to avoid losing your IT job to cheaper rookies

You've been in the IT industry for 30 years, gaining knowledge and experience that's valuable to you and your employers at every step. Now we're in a recession and a new crop of

Published on: April 7th, 2009 Jon Brodkin

Mobile phone will be chief Web connectivity device by 2010

By 2020, mobile phones will be the primary Internet devices for most people in the world, according to a panel of experts, who also predict that Web technologies will probably not lead to

Published on: December 18th, 2008 Jon Brodkin

Pepsi bottler saves big bucks with virtualization

"I was very skeptical. I think it's more mentality than anything else," says Messer, who is leading a server and storage virtualization project at G&J Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. in Cincinnati. "It was more

Published on: December 15th, 2008 Jon Brodkin

Five ways to reduce costs in 2009

FRAMINGHAM - Saving money is top-of-mind for most IT executives these days. In fact, six out of ten CIOs are trying to lower costs in 2009 by renegotiating IT vendor contracts, according to

Published on: November 7th, 2008 Jon Brodkin

Rework vendor contracts to save money in tough times

Saving money is of paramount importance for CIOs in today's economy, and renegotiating contracts with IT vendors may be one of the best ways to chop expenses. Convincing vendors to lower prices when

Published on: November 7th, 2008 Jon Brodkin

Green technology: hype or must-have?

FRAMINGHAM (04/21/2008) - A question for the eve of Earth Day: Has "green" technology been overhyped? Scientists throughout the world who study global warming have concluded that drastic changes in human energy-consumption are

Published on: October 1st, 2008 Jon Brodkin

Despite leadership change VMWare faces uphill struggle against Microsoft

In tapping a former Microsoft executive to lead VMware's battle against the Redmond giant, VMware's EMC-controlled board of directors decided co-founder Diane Greene lacked the business savvy to win a struggle for market

Published on: July 11th, 2008 Jon Brodkin

Cloud-computing and the seven deadly data risks

Cloud computing is fraught with security risks, according to analyst firm Gartner. Smart customers will ask tough questions, and consider getting a security assessment from a neutral third party before committing to a

Published on: July 7th, 2008 Jon Brodkin

Flash memory climbs out of the iPod and into the enterprise

The little USB stick on your keychain and the memory in your iPod is fueling a revolution in the enterprise storage world. It seems everyone is talking about flash memory, a type of

Published on: June 27th, 2008 Jon Brodkin

Five SAP strategies to understand before committing

Installing SAP applications is no picnic. Employees who are capable of deploying and maintaining SAP software are in high demand and practically form a whole profession by themselves. SAP, which built its reputation

Published on: May 9th, 2008 Jon Brodkin

Is Green IT mere hype?

Has "green" technology been overhyped? Scientists throughout the world who study global warming have concluded that drastic changes in human energy-consumption are necessary to avert a crisis of biblical proportions. Energy use in

Published on: April 24th, 2008 Jon Brodkin

Seven challenges for IT in the next 25 years

Gartner Inc. has identified seven technologies that will "completely transform" business over the next 25 years, including parallel programming, wireless power sources for mobile devices, automated speech translation, and computing interfaces that detect

Published on: April 11th, 2008 Jon Brodkin

Online fruit merchant sues IBM claiming rotten patent protection

p>IBM is facing a US$6 million patent-related lawsuit from Harry & David, an Internet retailer that was sued because it used an IBM e-commerce system that allegedly contained technology patented by two other

Published on: March 14th, 2008 Jon Brodkin

Facial recognition software used for national security

Jeff Jonas knows the Las Vegas gambling industry inside and out. As the founder and chief scientist of Systems Research & Development (SRD), Jonas helped build numerous casino systems before 2005 when his

Published on: March 11th, 2008 Jon Brodkin