Articles By Intel of Canada Ltd.

Linux TCO

Contrary to common belief, manageability and not initial purchase cost is the primary component of total cost of ownership (TCO). Improving the overall manageability of your solutions will lower your customer’s TCO considerably.

Published on: September 10th, 2002 Intel of Canada Ltd.

Linux reliability and availability

Although Linux is widely acknowledged as being extremely robust and reliable, work is proceeding at a furious pace to enhance those features even more. In the area of the disk file system, these

Published on: September 4th, 2002 Intel of Canada Ltd.

Next Generation Networks Part One: Converged Communications Solutions for Business

Exciting technological developments promise to greatly improve efficiency, convenience, and cost effectiveness in a business environment by providing converged communications solutions today and paving the way for a fully converged Next Generation Network

Published on: August 7th, 2002 Intel of Canada Ltd.

Computer Telephony

Two technologies - telephones and computers - continue to revolutionize the way the world communicates. Prevalent for more than a century in offices, public establishments and homes, telephones now offer wireless, go-anywhere ubiquity.

Published on: July 24th, 2002 Intel of Canada Ltd.