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Apple offers course in iPhone

iPhone schoolIt’s amazing how much space Insider has already devoted to the iPhone considering that a) I think it’s the most overhyped piece of hardware ever and b) it’s even not available yet.

Published on: June 20th, 2007 Insider

The iPod’s further contribution to the decline of civilization

iPod to blame for increase in bad taste The iPod has been blamed for a number of things: an increase in pedestrian-related traffic accidents, the swelling of Steve Jobs’s ego and an overall

Published on: June 14th, 2007 Insider

How hockey is pounding baseball in online stakes

Slings and skates Ask most red-blooded Canadians and they'll tell you that hockey is for real men and women and baseball is for cry babies with droopy diapers. I'd say they're half right:

Published on: June 4th, 2007 Insider

You can go back to trusting your e-mail now

Spam, spam, spam, spamIt’s a sad day for those of us who love hearing: We’re not so hot at pleasing “the ladies” There’s an investment opportunity just a click away We’re balding (and

Published on: May 31st, 2007 Insider

The bloggers guide to getting fired

My work blog: You suckIf you’re a regular reader of Insider, you may have seen some disparaging comments about bloggers in this space. Not about bloggers so much, but the format itself. But

Published on: May 24th, 2007 Insider