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iPhone gets Enterprise boost with Microsoft Exchange support

The European Commission is likely to approve Google's move to acquire DoubleClick with an April 2 deadline looming, and Microsoft's Bill Gates is no longer the world's richest man.Click here to download.Previous IT

Published on: March 7th, 2008 IDG News Service

Google gives public glimpse of pilot health care service

Google Health aims to offer users a site where they can store and their medical records. Meanwhile notorious spammer Robert Soloway, also known as the Spam King, will get his day in court

Published on: March 3rd, 2008 IDG News Service

High-level executive shake up at Microsoft to prepare for Yahoo acquisition

Meanwhile, a U.S. district court judge has ordered that Oracle's lawsuit against SAP and its TomorrowNow subsidiary be sent to mediation, according to a court document posted online. SAP spokesman Andy Kendzie declined

Published on: February 20th, 2008 IDG News Service