Articles By Craig Hubbard

Teachers Credit Union learns about automated processing

Teachers, like their students, get the bulk of the summer off work, but the credit unions that process their loans aren't so lucky.They may have to work much harder, in fact, since the

Published on: August 25th, 2003 Craig Hubbard

Extending broadband to the arctic and DSL black holes

Canada is one of the most wired nations on the planet — not because of too many trips to Tim Horton's, but because of extensive networks of copper and fibre, which are as

Published on: February 27th, 2003 Craig Hubbard

On the show floor: asset management software

If sex, as it’s been said, drove Internet businesses in its early stages, then it’s mild paranoia, it seems, that drives software development today. Maintaining security and ensuring software compliance were the themes

Published on: July 11th, 2002 Craig Hubbard

One to watch: Analog Design Automation Inc.

One to watch is a series that profiles young technology companies. It is not an endorsement, but an exploration of the firm's potential.Your cell-phone has one and so does your wireless PDA. In

Published on: May 31st, 2002 Craig Hubbard

Affiliates face @Home aftermath

After Excite@Home met its demise last year, several broadband cable operators were awakened to the joys of self-reliance. But self-reliance doesn’t come without tools, and there’s been no shortage of companies ready to

Published on: February 15th, 2002 Craig Hubbard

Worth Keeping: AlphaServer

When you’re trying to create a mathematical model of the universe – or even a small part of it– you need a lot of processing power.It’s extreme number-crunching needs like these that have

Published on: November 23rd, 2001 Craig Hubbard