It’s hard to believe that Windows 7 is already being phased out of Microsoft Corp.’s support plans, but when you consider it was launched all the way back in 2009 and we’re likely going to see the launch of Windows 10 (that’s two full versions ahead of Windows 7, not three) this year, it’s not all that surprising.

For many users the end of mainstream support won’t make a big difference in how you use your computer day-to-day. It’s not the same as a the end of extended support like we saw with Windows XP last year and Windows Server 2003 this year. But if you really like having all the latest updates Microsoft releases for its Windows eco-system, it’s time to start thinking about an upgrade. Brad Chacos at PC World details what you need to know about the end of mainstream support for Windows 7:

  • You won’t get any of the Microsoft updates that are being queued up for Windows 10, such as the DirectX 12 update for enhanced graphical performance. Also, you won’t be able to call Microsoft for free help when you have Windows 7-related issues.
  • Now in the extended support phase, Windows 7 still gets security patches and security-related hotfixes. Businesses that want hotfix support for non-security related issues can sign up for an extended plan to receive them. The extended support period will last until Jan. 14, 2020.
  • Considering that many commercial PCs are still being sold with Windows 7 installed and downgrade rights are still being honoured via Windows 10, for most users there’s no big reason to worry. But if you’re considering buying a PC, one that comes with Windows 7 might be a bit dated.

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  • SavageNarce

    I don’t care if Microsoft wants to upgrade Windows (or their apps) so long as they allow me to use an old, familiar interface as an option.

    How much time was wasted by Windows 7 users trying to figure out the new and strange Windows 8 appearance? How many man-hours were lost by users familiar with Office 2005 when they had to change to the “ribbon” interface and virtually re-learn their apps?

    The underlying code is not radically different, just tweaked in a few places. If Microsoft gave me the option to use an old, familiar “look and feel”, I would have no problem at all with moving to a newer release.

  • Andrew Sibbald

    With no easy migration from XP to Windows 7, Microsoft greatly slowed the transition — making for many users Windows 7 being a new OS. Likewise, Windows 8.x is really an alternative OS, designed for tablets; it’s awkward on the desktop requiring a lot of dedication by the user (over 40).

    It is hard to believe mainstream support is ending. One can hope that if Microsoft does not want the same slow transition away from XP, they’ll make Windows 10 migration easy and users on both tablet and desktop happy.

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  • Peter Lipentine

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    • SavageNarce

      What does Warhammer have to do with the “look and feel” of Windows?

  • Benny Ben
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