LinkedIn wants to be your link to leads. The career-focused social network is expanding its marketing solutions portfolio with a new tool focused on lead generation.

It’s the latest step by LinkedIn to monetize on its platform and its network of users that have loaded a lot of interesting and useful information to their profiles. LinkedIn Lead Accelerator now allows LinkedIn’s marketing solutions business to provide a full-funnel, end-to-end product suite to reach, nurture and acquire on and off LinkedIn and drive more high quality leads for marketers.

The LinkedIn Lead Accelerator solution reflects the integration and enhancement of the Multi-Channel Nurturing product from Bizo, which LinkedIn acquired in August 2014. The solution also includes LinkedIn Network Display, an audience network which lets marketers engage with display advertising both on LinkedIn and off-platform on other publisher web sites.

“Our newly expanded portfolio ties new and existing products together to deliver an integrated set of full-funnel marketing solutions. Prior to today, products like Sponsored Updates or LinkedIn Display Advertising were used to achieve individual marketing objectives,” said Russell Glass, head of products for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and a former Bizo CEO, in a blog post. “Now, with the full-funnel approach, marketers can use all of our marketing solutions products together as a portfolio to create a customized experience that enhances the marketer-prospect relationship and delivers results.”

LinkedIn Lead Accelerator will be sold via an annual or quarterly subscription and includes AutoFill, a form-fill tool to accelerate conversions, and an analytics tool that helps marketers design campaigns and then measure and track results across desired metrics.


“As the former CEO of Bizo, this is a particularly gratifying moment for me,” said Glass. “I was confident that the marriage of LinkedIn’s content-based solutions with Bizo’s lead generation and analytics products could result in a powerful opportunity for marketers. Now that vision has begun to take shape, and I can’t wait to see how this helps our customers succeed.”

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  • Alastair Kane

    Generating leads via LinkedIn forms a large part of the work we do for clients and this new service sounds very promising especially if it has the facility to nurture leads. We’ve had a lot of success generating leads via LinkedIn discussion groups which we describe in our blog post However, it can be difficult to push prospects further down the funnel due to difficulties in tracking prospects, so an all encompassing LinkedIn feature such as this would be most welcome.