• Cutmetal

    This is why I will avoid the cloud any way I can. Where are the controls on who retains the rights to your data after you die? Does the cloud have rights to any abandoned data? Think of the gold mine left behind by your historical data. Lets look at it this way… your an artist creating media using the cloud… lets say your name is Picasso and you are a staving artist… you create hundreds of works on the cloud where it’s convenient to store and access, you make a few dollars here and there, and suddenly you die… no will, no family member has access to your account, and the cloud just sits on your data until any statutes of limitation on any claims to your data has passed… and they now claim ownership. Now your art work turns out to be worth millions as a deceased artist. Same with you historical life story that they have collected. I am a photographer… my prints are of professional quality, I went to WalMart to run off a few prints from my flash drive… funny thing is I just wanted to pick a few specific prints off the flash drive by file number, but to my surprise it loaded all the photographs from the flash drive, and then I had to pick the ones I wanted to print. When I was done printing the ones I wanted, I went to pay, … the clerk noticed the quality and asked me to fill out a form stating I owned the rights to the pictures, but then also sign the back with a expiration date to the copyright… which was not explained or very clear… as I was not relinquishing any rights to my photo’s… so why was WalMart asking me to sign away my rights if they were not storing my photo’s? So when WalMart down loads your photos for prints are they keeping your photo’s without your knowledge? To me as soon as I am done at the photo print machine, those photo’s should be deleted and no copy kept… who gets the rights to your photo’s if WalMart is storing copies on some cloud data base they own after any statue of limitations?…. You get my point… there is gold in your data in the future when you have nothing to say about it, and you have no family with any rights to it… see why the cloud is free, and being pushed???