Hewlett-Packard Co. has launched two new displays at the NAB Show in Las Vegas this week, touted as providing better colour accuracy than ever – and heavily slashing the price compared to its previous colour offerings.

As part of the DreamColor line of displays, the new HP Z27x and Z24x come with more than one billion on-screen colours, so colour error is not even noticeable for the human eye, HP says. Compared to its last DreamColor offering, it boasts up to 60 per cent more pixels, a 4,000 per cent increase in the colour palette, and the displays themselves are up to 57 per cent slimmer.

The HP DreamColor Z24x. (Image: HP).
The HP DreamColor Z24x. (Image: HP).

And even better than that, it’s less than a quarter of the price of the last iteration of DreamColor displays. The Z27x is priced at around $1,500, while the Z24x is set at around $600. Both displays are available now.

Targeted towards creative professionals like photographers and videographers, HP says this is one of the most affordable options for those looking for 4K display support.

Both the Z27x and the Z24x offer 10-bit colour accuracy, from the design stage to the production stage, with push-button colour space selection and colour calibration. They can also offer easy access to presets like sRGB D65, sRGB D50, Adobe RGB BT.709, BT.2020, and DCI-P3. Users will also be able to create their own colour spaces with control over the primary colours, white point, and tone response. The displays come with support for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

The HP DreamColor Z27x. (Image: HP).
The HP DreamColor Z27x. (Image: HP).

As an upgrade to the Z24x, the Z27x has some other features as well, like an ultrawide Digital Cinema colour gamut with 100 per cent of sRGB, 100 per cent of Adobe RGB, and 99 per cent of DCI-P3.

There’s also an HP Night Vision feature, which allows users to view the display while working in a space with less light. That feature comes with auto-fade button backlights, as well as a red button backlight.

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