HootSuite Inc., the social platform dashboard for marketers using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and other social networks, has added yet another integration to its App Directory. This time, it’s with Marketo Inc., a U.S.-based company that makes marketing automation software.

Available as part of HootSuite’s Enterprise app roster, marketers using the integration will find it easier to track down the leads and buyers that would be interested in their companies’ products. The HootSuite-Marketo app will help marketers find prospective customers through their social channels and then add them to a database made up of potential customers and new leads. They can also search through this database through keywords and through watching their leads’ levels of engagement with any content  produced and the interactions these leads have with it.

Logging into the Marketo app with HootSuite. (Image: HootSuite).
Logging into the Marketo app with HootSuite. (Image: HootSuite).

The HootSuite-Marketo integration also allows for social scoring, giving marketers the chance to measure activity and conversations. They can then gauge the social media users they’re interacting with, comparing them to existing prospects to know what kind of leads these new users might be.

However, the biggest key for any marketers is to gain insight. Marketo’s integration with HootSuite allows marketers to get richer lead data using insights from the social media networks their leads are using. HootSuite will update leads’ records to show their social profiles, as well as any message and conversation data that might help marketers have better conversations with the people they want to reach.

Logging activity using Marketo on HootSuite. (Image: HootSuite).
Logging activity using Marketo on HootSuite. (Image: HootSuite).

“This integration is a significant development for marketers. Brands know social media is an important channel for demand generation where they can actively engage customers and prospects in meaningful conversations,” said Ryan Holmes, HootSuite’s CEO, in a statement. “Our integration with Marketo simplifies the process of capturing these key interactions in your lead database.”

To find out more about the integration, head on over to HootSuite’s blog post here.


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