Canada Post delivers new online tools for e-tailers

Canada Post continues its push into the digital realm with the launch of some new e-commerce tools.

The Canada Post Web Services tools are aimed at retailers and designedto be integrated into their existing e-commerce platform, online storeor customer applications, according to our source story from Post andParcel.

Among the new features:

Deliver to post officeoption: shoppers have the option to pick uptheir ordered item at one of 6,600 Canada Post outlets across thecountry.

Real-time rate lookup:Merchants can provide online shoppers withshipping rates on items they right before they proceed to onlinecheckout.

Real-time tracking udpates:Online shoppers can track the shipping,processing and delivery status of their purchases after ordering them.

Canada Post Web Services nowallows online shoppers to ship what they bought to a Canada Post outletfor pickup. (Photo: Shutterstock

Canada Post has been steadily increasing its digital offerings,including the development of a digital mailbox system to securelyauthenticate and link every Canadian’s identity using their streetaddress.

Source | Postand Parcel

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