For many founders in Canada, particularly the under-represented female founders in our startup scene, it is really difficult to think beyond the question of finding money to the more important question of, “Who’s money will actually help my startup be more successful?”

Yet engineering a successful funding strategy is critical. For Michelle Scarborough, Chair of Canada’s National Angel Capital Association, one of the biggest trends for navigating change for angel success coming out of this year’s Angel Capital Association Summit was setting up the right combination of investors, a global syndicate, to give the startup a global network right way.

Do women help women startup?

There is a clear correlation between the level of investment in Canadian startups and US investment firms that have a Canadian partner on the team.  And in the US, investment firms and funds like Seraph Capital that specialize in backing female founders have emerged. In fact, Golden Seeds claims to be amount the top 5 largest and most active Angel groups in the United States.

So should female founders target female funders?

Is there a need for Female Angels in Canada to step up, band together and back female founders?

These are the kinds of questions that will be discussed at Startup Grind’s Toronto Chapter Fireside Chat on June 27th at Ryerson University.

Guest Host Vicki Saunders will take over for me, for this specially theme Fireside Chat, being co-produced by the Office of Dr. Wendy Cukier, VP of Research and Innovation for Ryerson University (also Founder/Director of Ryerson’s Diversity Institute) and  featuring Michelle Scarborough (Funder) and Jennifer Evans (Founder).

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  • wizardB

    Should white male funders target white male founders….what a stupid question fund the best ideas and quit worrying so much about sex race or religion,It’s really an none issue except to a few PC (politically correct)specialists

    • cdlingHQ

      You must not be a startup in Canada (or anywhere except for one or two markets in the world), trying to discover the best way to attract scarce startup capital.

      Tactical questions like this can make a difference to startups and it is our pleasure to help them explore them.

      Your analysis is trivial and does not recognize the realities.

      The best Founders and ideas do not necessarily get funded or the distribution of founders & funding would be a lot closer to the distribution of gender.

      And any signs that we are not truly funding the best founders/ideas is really an important issue. It is not only about gender, it highlights investors do not embrace diversity and that means a serious lack on insight in decision making. Decisions based on conformity are unlikely to tap the next big thing.

      The best new ideas and information come from outliers. Diverse points of view. The gender gap is a symptom of the overall flaws in decision making which most often includes only white, male funders and founders from very limited geographies and backgrounds.