Keeping client passwords secure and under control

Keeping client passwords secure and under control

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by Stuart Crawford In today’s world of heightened security, full body scanners at airports and CCTV watching every move, it is remarkable

Why users should ditch the cable and stream online

by Mike Rehan The trend of choosing to watch TV online has attracted many people over cable television. More than half of the world is switching to streaming shows online. Many big companies

Published on: March 12th, 2012 ITBusiness Staff

The New iPad misses opportunity to woo creators

The New iPad launched yesterday by Apple may only be an incremental step up from the iPad 2, but when its already the best tablet on the market, that improvement is all that’s

Published on: March 8th, 2012 Brian Jackson

4 things the iPad 4 should have

      by Brad Reed Even though Apple has just unveiled its new iPad, it's never too soon to start thinking about the future: namely the iPad 4.   And that's why,

Published on: March 7th, 2012 IDG News Service

A new take on an old scam

Example of a BBB spoofed email by Paul Wood Social engineering reared its ugly head in January. The latest intelligence report from Symantec saw businesses being targeted with emails purporting to be from

Published on: March 7th, 2012 Paul Wood

IDC, Microsoft see 70,000 Canadian jobs in the clouds

by Nestor E. Arellano Forget about silver linings. If predictions of a recent IDC survey pan out, the cloud is one giant goldmine . The analyst firm forecasts that cloud computing will create

Published on: March 6th, 2012 Nestor Arellano

Startup Canada campaign offers opportunity to build ‘startup culture’

by Christine Wong Startup Canada officially got off the ground today when a beta version of its Web site went live. The new charitable foundation is hoping to build a national strategy to

Published on: March 1st, 2012 Christine Wong

International RSI Awareness Day – How aware are you?

  by Clare Kumar Falling on the last day in February, International RSI Awareness Day brings attention to Repetitive Strain Injuries, also known as Musculoskeletal Disorders or MSD’s. It was proposed by an

Published on: February 29th, 2012 Clare Kumar

Business Software Alliance’s latest weird argument for stronger IP laws

The Business Software Alliance has found a newly imagined detriment of Canada’s supposedly sub-par intellectual property laws – make sure you’re sitting down for this shocker – it’s slowing down the advancement of

Published on: February 28th, 2012 Brian Jackson

How close should you be with your investor?

by Monica Goyal How close is to close? I remember an advisor once suggesting that an entrepreneur should be located 150 miles from their investor. It was just to say that investors want

Published on: February 28th, 2012 Monica Goyal

Did you know you could do this with your cell phone?

by Kye Husbands The technology available to us today is simply amazing and while it seems as though things have always been this way, things are really just getting started in the mobile

Published on: February 27th, 2012 Kye Husbands

Obama and Canadian Internet privacy rules share common weaknesses

  by Nestor E. Arellano United States President Barak Obama created quite a stir yesterday when he unveiled a proposed framework for an Internet Bill of Rights designed to protect consumers’ privacy online.

Published on: February 24th, 2012 Nestor Arellano

Halo effect moves from iPod to iPhone

  by Philip Michaels The halo is back. Only this time, Apple says it's casting a much wider reach. If your interest in Apple dates back at least a decade, you may remember

Published on: February 23rd, 2012 IDG News Service

Pros and cons of buying a new tablet in 2012

    by Kye Husbands First off, I have to admit that my position on tablet computers has changed somewhat over the last year . This was largely a result of reading my

Published on: February 22nd, 2012 Kye Husbands

Burning the candle at both ends as the clock ticks down

By Francis Moran As we have discussed before, Katie and Luke Hrycak, the sibling founders of CommentAir, are bootstrapping their venture around their day jobs, an approach that calls for certain sacrifices. Business meetings

Published on: February 22nd, 2012 Francis Moran