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  • You don’t need to sign in using a Microsoft account to use the new Weather app or any of the other built-in Windows 8 apps. They are all available to a local account. That’s the way I have my Windows 8 Media Center set up and it works just fine.

  • SeanVanity

    Windows 8 appears to be just a version of Windows CE compiled with a boxy graphics GUI and added security. Not backward compatible with 7 or Vista or XP for a lot of applications.

    A lot of very young reviewers who are not familiar with older interfaces (DOS OS/2 UNIX, etc are often fooled into thinking that pretty pictures equal sophistication and capability in an operating system.
    They also like Apple because it is White, and kittens because they are cute.

  • Mat Pancha

    Echoing what Ed said, you can setup multiple user accounts and have them work.

    If you are expecting multiple accounts AND have live tiles, that’s a bad expectation. But, when logged into your account with live tiles, youll see your information.

    I haven’t fired up my PC in a month, but I believe it shows weather on the lock screen, doesn’t it?

  • Jean

    As someone mentioned, you don’t need to sign in to be able to use the Windows 8 Features such as Weather, etc… Windows 8 give you the choice to sync or not your profile with your Windows live account, and work locally. As Editor, you should be careful with the info you put on Internet. Mainly when the info have not been verified.

  • My blog post here is about my personal first experience with Windows 8, so you could call the information “self-verified” I guess. The point that you can access those apps with a local account is valid, but my main argument that I should be able to have an account-less computer still holds. Using my Administrator login, I can’t get at any of these apps. Also, you wouldn’t be able to download apps from the Windows Store with a local account not associated with an e-mail account.

  • Orac

    I installed windows 8 on my new Dell Laptop – and hated it. Without a touch screen the Metro interface was incredibly cimbersome. live tiles frequently failed to work. The current crop of apps in the app store are pretty poor. And the ‘old’ windows interface had been so hobbled as to make that frustratign as well. couple all this wil up to 6 blue screens a day, after 2 weeks I went back to windows 7.

    I woudl recomend Windows 8 ONLY for a tablet. Stick with Windows 7 for a PC if you actually want to get anything done.

    Microsoft failed to make Metro good enough to be ‘productive’ in, and they stripped down the old interface so it’s frustratingly useless.

  • i did not use windows 8 yet but you shared a very important information some of the comments are really helpful but i think i will use windows 7 for a while

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