Canada’s anti-spam law, all hype or something to watch out for?

We have all been the victims of “spam” at some point in our lives. It is almost daily that we receive some form of unsolicited e-mail message attempting to get us to buy

Published on: September 20th, 2013 Monica Goyal

How to prepare for Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

Canada's new Anti-Spam Legislation is coming. It will come into force July 1, and it will have a broad sweeping impact on all organizations that use e-mail marketing, mobile marketing, and other forms

Published on: September 16th, 2013 Robert Burko

Spammers adopt new attack strategies for ‘New Year’

by Paul Wood The New Year saw an increase in global spam levels as spammers continued to take advantage of holidays and major current events in an effort to entice users to click on

Published on: February 9th, 2012 Paul Wood

A new twist on shortened URLs as spam carriers

by Paul Wood For some time Symantec has been warning social networking users to beware of shortened URLs as sometimes it can be hard to see where the link will actually lead. Spammers have

Published on: November 2nd, 2011 Paul Wood

Spammers benefit from stock market turmoil

By Matt Sergeant August was a busy month for cyber criminals, according to the August 2011 Symantec Intelligence Report. While phishing levels were one in 229.9 forCanadathis month, spammers were also busy taking

Published on: August 29th, 2011 ITBusiness Staff

Canadian Pharmacy spam returns with ‘wiki’ spin

Pharmaceutical spam messages have been some of the most commonly used in spam attacks over the past several years. Canada has featured quite prominently in terms of this spam output due to the

Published on: July 6th, 2011 Paul Wood

Spammers abusing domain parking services on a massive scale

By Nick Johnston Domain parking, the act of registering an Internet domain name without placing any content on the website, is a common practice for a business website in the pre-launch stage. These

Published on: June 7th, 2011 IDG News Service

Cutwail botnet raising spam levels once more

 By Paul Wood There has been a recent increase in the amount of malicious email traffic detected by MessageLabs Intelligence despite a continuous decrease in the actual number of spam mail distributed.  The

Published on: May 12th, 2011 Paul Wood

New pharmacy spam campaign using Google brand hijacking

MessageLabs Intelligence recently tracked a new pharmaceutical spam campaign promoting a supposedly "Google-accredited" online pharmacy. This is obvious brand hijacking: Google does not host or approve any pharmacy sites. We contacted Google about

Published on: February 17th, 2011 Paul Wood

Spam levels decline in January, but not for long

After the dramatic decline in spam levels seen over the holidays, spam now accounts for 78.6 per cent of all email traffic, the lowest rate since March 2009. Results from our January 2011

Published on: January 30th, 2011 Paul Wood

Spammers can be quite creative

By Mathew Nisbet Spammers will try anything to get their spam past your filters and into your inbox. We've seen many tricks involving random text hidden in the body, use of images, a

Published on: November 19th, 2010 ITBusiness Staff

What caused sudden drop in spam traffic?

It has been widely reported that global spam volumes have decreased, especially on October 3 when spam levels dropped to their lowest for some time.  At Symantec Hosted Services we have a wealth

Published on: October 28th, 2010 ITBusiness Staff

Beware of tricks used by spammers

  It is well known that spammers use many different tactics to add legitimacy to their emails. Two techniques that are popular include personalizing emails and using images to try to fool the

Published on: September 8th, 2010 ITBusiness Staff

Canada introduces anti-spam law as spam URLs become pervasive

The Government of Canada recently re-introduced anti-spam legislation, titled the Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act (FISA), in the House of Commons. The goal of the proposed legislation is to deter damaging and

Published on: June 9th, 2010 ITBusiness Staff