PayPal announces support for Facebook ecommerce platforms

Eric Emin Wood, 7 hours ago

Number of digital coupons issued likely to exceed 360 billion by 2021, Juniper says

Eric Emin Wood, 8 hours ago
Woman paying with NFC technology on mobile phone, beautician, shop, market

Mobile payment awareness rising, but Canadians need more incentive to use it: Accenture

Eric Emin Wood, 10 hours ago

Apple and Nike team up for new smartwatch

Alex Radu, 14 hours ago

When will virtual reality go beyond gaming and into the enterprise?

Christine Wong, 16 hours ago

Reebok using robotics and 3D drawing to create new line of shoes

Alex Radu, 2 days ago

CinemaTech: How technology makes Zootopia one of Disney’s most realistic films

Eric Emin Wood, 3 days ago

New leaks indicate BlackBerry’s DTEK60 could be released on Oct. 25

Eric Emin Wood, 4 days ago
Google HQ in Silicon Valley, California

Google shops opening in Best Buy locations across Canada

Alex Radu, 4 days ago

Asus challenges budget smartphone market with new ZenFone 3 [review]

Alex Radu, 4 days ago

North America’s first fintech chatbot is Canadian

Eric Emin Wood, 5 days ago

Macs cheaper to deploy than PCs, IBM says

Eric Emin Wood, 5 days ago

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Microsoft CEO says LinkedIn will stay open to third-party integrations

PayPal announces support for Facebook ecommerce platforms

Andre De Grasse gets a shoutout from Degrassi

When will virtual reality go beyond gaming and into the enterprise?

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Unboxing for business: Google Pixel

Brian Jackson, 7 days ago

DraftKings World Baseball Championships hit Canada

Aldo’s tour through the customer journey at Dreamforce

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